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  • Expert at the Card Table - All Series Download

    5 videos  |  Buy $24.97

    The book, "The Expert at the Card Table" alone has been highly sought after since its publication in 1902. In the early days of it's existence, "The Expert at the Card Table", was considered obscene material because of the secrets contained within. Law enforcement at the time knew the tricks and ...

  • Jaw Droppers - Complete Collection

    5 videos  |  Buy $14.97

    This is a complete course in magic with performances and step-by-step instruction for quick and easy learning. Celebrity magician, Larry Anderson, performs each extraordinary trick and then breaks it down with a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little p...

  • Modern Coin Magic All Volumes 180 Coin Effects

    5 videos  |  Buy $19.97

    A comprehensive educational approach to learning coin magic.

    Watch the most incredible sleights and tricks with coins!
    Then learn step-by-step from the performer's view how you too can execute these staggering coin moves!

    This 5 volume set is LOADED with 180+ sleights and tricks using coins!

  • Hotshot with Cards: Volumes 1 & 2

    2 videos  |  Buy $14.97

    Are you ready to become a hotshot card performer? If so, you've found the perfect place to start. Ben Salinas has created a comprehensive learning journey through a collection of some of the best color changes and double lifts in magic today.

    In volume one, Ben provides step-by-step instruction ...

  • Ultimate Mind Tricks Pack

    4 videos  |  Buy $24.97

    Mind Tricks with Ben Salinas

    Touch an Object - 0:00:00
    Pyramid Power - 0:04:13
    Voodoo- 0:07:44
    Center Tear - 0:13:54
    Add-a-No - 0:19:21
    1089 - 0:24:04
    Book Test - 0:28:03
    Gray Elephants - 0:31:49
    Phone Wizard - 0:38:35
    Pulse Stopper - 0:42:35
    Fork Bend - 0:45:35
    Spoon Bend - 0:48:06
    Fork Break -...

  • Close-Up 21: Learn 21 Astonishing Close-Up Tricks

    1 video  |  Buy $12.97

    In this instructional magic training course, you will learn 21 marvelous close-up tricks that you can do anywhere, anytime. From using everyday objects such as coins and rubber bands to astonishing card feats, you will get it all from these tutorials! The step-by-step instruction makes it easy to...

  • Bar Tricks - Learn & Master Bar Tricks

    1 video  |  Buy $12.97

    Simon Lovell presents an exciting project full of the very best and most impressive bar betchas from all over the planet. After you watch this course, you'll be able to use these tricks as Simon does, and never have to buy another drink ever again. Night and day, forever. That's his promise (and ...

  • Killer Card Tricks With No Sleight of Hand

    1 video  |  Buy $12.97

    From the creator of "reinCARDnation" and "Legend with Cards," Kris Nevling brings you "Killer Card Tricks With No Sleight of Hand.” Kris will perform and teach you the real work behind these killer card tricks!

    As an ADDED BONUS, you will be introduced to some of the best card forces and easy sl...

  • 40 Ways To Force A Card - Choose From The Best

    1 video  |  Buy $12.97

    Gain command of the cards and your audience like never before! Leave your spectators scratching their heads and asking, "How did he do it?" every time. This is the ULTIMATE guide to improving your existing skills and learning new forces quickly and expertly. You'll learn over 40 secret forces fro...

  • Expert Card Magic - Superior Level Card Magic

    2 videos  |  Buy $24.97

    Anyone who is excited by learning card tricks should be familiar with Sal Piacente and his incredible expert card magic routines. In fact, Sal is so good at performing card magic that casinos hire him for his expertise in preventing and catching cheaters trying to bring down the house.

    In this w...

  • Easy Coin Magic - 60 Coins Effect Included

    1 video  |  Buy $14.97

    Learn all the basics of coin magic, the fundamental moves, advanced techniques, and great routines to follow in this series of full coin effects with Ben Salinas. With the help of this course and a little practice, you can be a stunning coin illusionist in no time!

    Holds, Grips & Pa...

  • Royal Road To Card Magic - 100 Card Effects

    4 videos  |  Buy $19.97

    The Royal Road to Card Magic Deluxe Edition is THE classic card magic course! It includes knowledge that was originated by Frederick Braue and Jean Hugard. Rudy Hunter stars in this 4 volume set.

    Volume 1:
    Overhand Shuffle - 0:00:19
    Controlling a Selected Card: 0:1:13
    Controlling the Top Card -...

  • Complete Card Magic 120 Card Effects Now

    7 videos  |  Buy $19.97

    A comprehensive educational approach to learning card magic. Jump-start your magical journey into complete card magic with these 14 introductory mysteries!

    Volume 1: Beginner
    Gain a strong foundation for building your own card magic routines. Card expert, Gerry Griffin, takes you step-by-step ...

  • The Art of Card Splitting - The Complete Course

    1 video  |  Buy $12.97

    In this course Marty "Martini" Grams gives you his famous lecture "Lickety Split" on how to make your own gimmicked and gaffed cards step-by-step. As an added bonus "Martini" demonstrates the most famous packet tricks that use gimmicked cards and explains how to make and perform them! Learn how t...