Gerry's Lucky Sevens by Gerry Griffin

Gerry's Lucky Sevens by Gerry Griffin

Lucky Sevens with Gerry Griffin (Volumes 1-3).

Gerry Griffin delivers step-by-step instructions on how to flawlessly perform 21 of the most impossible magic card twists. The really special thing about these card twists? They're highly, highly, highly visual. So, you won't only baffle your audience with your skill, but you'll also wow their eyes with every move. These moves are memorable for those exact reasons. Your audience won't forget your show for a long, long time!

Gerry’s Red Hot Sevens
Technicolor Sevens
Shaken but not Stirred
Swivel Spin Pop Shot
SEVENS: With a Twist
Ribbon Change
A Lesson In Cheating

Turn Over Pop
Gerry’s Lucky Sevens
Seven Seconds
Gerry’s Luck Is Turned
FAN-Tastic Sevens
Gerry’s Luckiest Seven
SEVENS: Undercover

SEVENS: Unshuffled
Surprise SEVENS
SEVENS: Corner Pocket
Sevens Switched at Berth
Big Deal
Drunken Shuffle

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Gerry's Lucky Sevens by Gerry Griffin