Lake Tahoe Bar Magic with Randy Wakeman

Lake Tahoe Bar Magic with Randy Wakeman

In the golden days of the great Big City Bar Magic Randy Wakeman was in the thick of it all working alongside such legends as Heba Haba Al Jim Ryan and Frank Everhart. Now he brings the very best of the best to Lake Tahoe Bar Magic where you'll see him present showstoppers miracles and much much more to a live audience.

Every single effect is worthy of inclusion to your program. There are no elaborate set-ups special conditions or esoteric gimmicks. This is close-up magic of the highest order that never fails to amaze completely and entertain thoroughly.

Lake Tahoe Bar Magic is one of the few magic sets ever produced that contains material of such high quality and intrinsic entertainment value that you can truly make a living from its contents. These are exceptionally practical reputation making thoroughly polished presentations for you to learn enjoy savor and trill your audiences with for all time!

Jinx Aces
Give Us This Day Our Daley Aces
Randy Revelation
Card Under Glass
Under a Simple Spell
Card To Wallet
Formula One Routine
Did You Get The Odd One?
Chicago Stab

Coins To Glass
$2 Bill Trick
21 Card Trick
RW Four Card Stunner
Spectator On Stage
Marlo's Bluff Ace Assembly
Marlo's Six Card Repeat
Visible Tosheroon
No Questions Asked

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Lake Tahoe Bar Magic with Randy Wakeman