The Absolutely Amazing Wallet with Rudy Hunter

The Absolutely Amazing Wallet with Rudy Hunter

This beautifully crafted fine leather wallet will mystify your audience as you predict your spectator's randomly selected card again and again. The wallet's hidden secret is the key as there is no palming or sleight of hand involved in this effect. Plus, the high-quality materials make this wallet sleek and functional for everyday use.

So, sit back and get ready to learn this amazing effect from the great Rudy Hunter. First, Rudy will demonstrate the effect with a spectator. After, he'll thoroughly explain how you too can go out into the world and use this material and wow audiences.

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The Absolutely Amazing Wallet with Rudy Hunter

3 Videos

  • The Absolutely Amazing Wallet Full Volume - Download

    Course Includes:
    Demonstration with Spectator
    Teaching with Rudy Hunter

  • Demonstration with Spectator

    Rudy Hunter performs the Magic Wallet effect with a spectator. An astonishing effect that requires absolutely no sleight of hand or palming. In fact, the only person that'll even touch the deck is the spectator. Watch and be amazed!

  • Teaching with Rudy Hunter

    Now you can learn the secrets behind the magic as Rudy Hunter guides you through the inner workings of the baffling Magic Wallet. Soon, you too will be astonishing spectators with this mystifying and almost impossible to comprehend effect.