Card Stunts with Ben Salinas

Card Stunts with Ben Salinas

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This card trick course focuses on CARD MOVES that can be done at the table. From beginner stunts to incredibly advanced techniques this is the complete course in CARD MOVES! Don't be mistaken, this is not a collection of mindless card flourishes. These are killer tools and tricks that you can incorporate into your next magic performance or card game. Whip out a few of these moves at your next poker game and watch them stare in disbelief!

Course Includes:
Ribbon Spread
Ribbon Spread Turnover
One-Handed Turnover
Turnover Using a Card
Twin Peaks
Thumb Fan
Closing the Fan
One-Handed Fan
S Fan
Giant Fan
Two Card Shuffle
Endless Shuffle
Endless Shuffle 2
Corner Spring
Upside Down Spring
Tabled Riffle Shuffle
In Hands Riffle Shuffle
The Bridge
Gamblers Riffle Shuffle
Hindu Shuffle
Overhand Shuffle
Faro Shuffle
Table Faro Shuffle
One-Handed Shuffle
Tabled Cut 1
Tabled Cut 2
Triple Table Cut
Cut to Table
Multiple Cuts to Table
In Hands Cut
Charlier Cut
Triple Charlier
False Charlier
Swivel Cut
Double Swivel Revelation
Swing Cut in the Hands
Swing Cut on the Table
Swing, Swivel, Drop
Dr. Casavan Cut
Standard Deal
Ring Finger Deal
The Turnover
Spring Set
Pinky Deal
Showing the Top Card
The Cook's Deal
Basic Turnover
Slide Turnover
Barn Doors
Slide Aerial Turnover
Snap Change
The Reversal
The Explosion
Pocket Twirl
Throw Change
Palm Change
Long Distance Scaling
Pinch Toss
Ring Finger Scaling
Thumb Scaling
Top Shot
T. G. Murphy Deck Flip
Flipping a Card onto the Deck
Flipping a Card onto the Deck 2
Audley Walsh Pop-Up
Hip Shot
One Finger Spin
Flicking a Card Out from Beneath a Coin
4 Card Explosion
Self Standing Triangle
Jumping Card
Scarny's Four Ace Revelation
4 Card Flippant
Zarrow Shuffle
Push Through Shuffle
Ultimate Illogical Cut
The Revolution
Bridge Cut

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Card Stunts with Ben Salinas

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