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  • Bicycle Stripper Exclusive Learning Materials

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    Learn over 300 more impressive tricks with your new Bicycle Stripper Deck!

  • Amazing Tricks: Learn Magic with Magician Reza

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    Have you ever wanted to perform a magic trick so unbelievable and impressive that it’ll keep people guessing how it was done long after they’ve seen it? Well, how does 16 of those kind of tricks sound? Look no further, everything you need to know to make your next magic performance a mind-blowing...

  • Modern Coin Magic - Instant Download

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    A comprehensive educational approach to learning coin magic.

    Watch the most incredible sleights and tricks with coins!
    Then learn step-by-step from the performer's view how you too can execute these staggering coin moves!

    This 5 volume set is LOADED with 180+ sleights and tricks using coins!

  • Complete Card Magic - Instant Download

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    A comprehensive educational approach to learning card magic. Jump-start your magical journey into complete card magic with these 14 introductory mysteries!

    Volume 1: Beginner
    Gain a strong foundation for building your own card magic routines. Card expert, Gerry Griffin, takes you step-by-step ...