Titles Available for Purchase

  • 40 Ways To Force A Card - Choose From The Best

    Gain command of the cards and your audience like never before! Leave your spectators scratching their heads and asking, "How did he do it?" every time. This is the ULTIMATE guide to improving your existing skills and learning new forces quickly and expertly. You'll learn over 40 secret forces fro...

  • Expert Card Magic - Superior Level Card Magic

    Anyone who is excited by learning card tricks should be familiar with Sal Piacente and his incredible expert card magic routines. In fact, Sal is so good at performing card magic that casinos hire him for his expertise in preventing and catching cheaters trying to bring down the house.

    In this w...

  • Easy Coin Magic - 60 Coins Effect Included

    Learn all the basics of coin magic, the fundamental moves, advanced techniques, and great routines to follow in this series of full coin effects with Ben Salinas. With the help of this course and a little practice, you can be a stunning coin illusionist in no time!


  • Royal Road To Card Magic - 100 Card Effects

    The Royal Road to Card Magic Deluxe Edition is THE classic card magic course! It includes knowledge that was originated by Frederick Braue and Jean Hugard. Rudy Hunter stars in this 4 volume set.

    Volume 1:
    Overhand Shuffle - 0:00:19
    Controlling a Selected Card: 0:1:13
    Controlling the Top Card -...