Advanced Card Moves Made Easy Full

Advanced Card Moves Made Easy Full

Join Brian Thomas Moore as he takes the most difficult card moves in all of the magic and transforms them in easy to learn moves that anyone can learn - but will still excite and thrill any audience. As an added treat, to really take your routine to the next level, Moore will teach you bonus tricks you can perform when utilizing the card moves taught in this magic training course. Ready to become a magic virtuoso?

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Advanced Card Moves Made Easy Full

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  • Advanced Card Moves Instant Download

    Course Includes:
    Dribble Dribble Pass
    Bam Control
    Classic Force Control
    Double Lift Control
    Top Change Control
    Diagonal Palm Shift
    Push Through Control
    Spread Pass
    Alphabet Control
    Time Bandit Control
    The Bandit Trick
    Swing Cut Flash
    The Pop Move
    Marloesk Sandwich