Easy Coin Magic - 60 Coins Effect Included

Easy Coin Magic - 60 Coins Effect Included

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Learn all the basics of coin magic, the fundamental moves, advanced techniques, and great routines to follow in this series of full coin effects with Ben Salinas. With the help of this course and a little practice, you can be a stunning coin illusionist in no time!

Holds, Grips & Palms
Ramsay Subtlety
Classic Palm
Fingertip Rest
Thumb Palm
Downs Palm
Back Clip
Back Palm
Deep Back Clip
Edge Grip Variation 1
Curl Palm
JW Grip
Bobo Switch
Shuttle Pass
Al Baker Steal
Friction Palm
Click Pass
Spellbound Variation
Han Ping Chen
Finger Palm Production
Classic Palm Production
Downs Palm Production
L'Homme Masque Production
Coin Production from Clothing
Coin Production from Handkerchief
Finger Palm Vanish
Finger Palm Vanish Variation
French Drop
French Drop Multiple Coins
Retention Vanish
Thumb Palm Vanish
Classic Palm Vanish
Fingertip Retention Vanish
Striking Vanish
J.W. Vanish
Jumbo Coins
Basic Grips
Curl Palm
Full Palm
Basic Productions
Jumbo Coin Production
Basic Vanishes
Retention Vanish into Tenkai
One Coin Flurry
Coins Across
Coin Thru Handkerchief
Coins Thru the Table
Coin in the Pen
The Matrix
Chinese Coin Assembly
Fingertip Coins Across
Coins to Glass
Four Coin Production
Three Coin Production & Vanish
Spellbound Variation 2
2 in Hand 1 in Pocket

Easy Coin Magic - 60 Coins Effect Included
  • Easy Coin Magic Full Volume - Download

    Learn all the basics of coin magic, the fundamental moves, advanced techniques, and great routines to follow in this series of full coin effects with Ben Salinas. With the help of this course and a little practice, you can be a stunning coin illusionist in no time!

  • Introduction: Easy Coin Magic

    Ben Salinas introduces his series Easy Coin Magic, the quintessential collection of coin magic for any aspiring magic attempting to advance their sleight of hand artistry. Everything you'll need is included here: the basics, the rudimentary moves, some advanced techniques, and great routines appl...

  • Holds, Grips & Palms

    To begin your journey towards becoming an excellent coin magician, it's essential to learn some of the basic holds, grips, and palms that you'll have to apply to many routines while practicing coin magic. Starting with the Finger Palm, a concealment technique you'll use very often throughout this...

  • Ramsay Subtlety

    The Ramsey Subtlety, credited to John Ramsay, is the perfect concealment that'll stump your audience every time. You'll be able to reveal a completely empty hand, while still shielding the coin from their probing eyes. You'll just need the basics of finger palm, and you'll be set, ready to includ...

  • Classic Palm

    The Classic Palm is just that, a classic. It may be the oldest way documented for concealing a coin in existence. Easy to master, an invaluable tool to keep at the ready in your coin magic arsenal. You'll be coming back to this move again and again.

  • Kaps

    Invented by the Dutch magician Fred Kaps, is the Kaps Subtlety. This move is a natural extension to the Classic Palm. A very simple maneuver that only involves two things: Classic Palm and turning your open hand towards yourself. This gives the audience a good view of your hand, while still keepi...

  • Fingertip Rest

    The name says it all with this next subtlety. The coin will rest directly on the plantar side of your fingertips. This enables you to casually place your hand on any flat surface without arousing suspicion amongst your audience. You can naturally and effortlessly transition from Classic Palm to t...

  • Thumb Palm

    In one swift movement from the tips of your fingers to your thumb, you'll clip the coin so smooth and quickly that no one will be able to figure out where it disappeared to. Another subtlety you'll want to keep in your back pocket for more exhilarating coin magic to come.

  • Downs Palm

    From the crowned "King of Koins" T. Nelson Downs, comes the Downs Palm. This classic handling allows you to easily vanish a coin, and to make it reappear just as effortlessly. You'll even be able to present an empty hand to your audience after completing this compelling concealment.

  • Back Clip

    The Back Clip, also known as the Tenkai Pinch, the coin disappears by being quite literally clipped out to the back the hand. Once you've ushered the coin out the rear side of your hand, your pinky will clip it into place. If you're careful to mind your angles when performing this move, it'll giv...

  • Back Palm

    Now, Ben presents a classic coin move from the olden days of coin manipulation. To perform the Back Palm, you'll do just that - palm the coin on the backside of your hand. You'll swoop your two middle fingers down and underneath the coin, scooping to the back of your hand. Perfecting this move wi...

  • Deep Back Clip

    Now we have the Deep Back Clip, a production maneuver. You'll start with just one, singular coin. Then, with one slight toss - another with miraculously appear out of thin air. Remember, this is another move only to be used when your audience is gathered close around you looking down at your han...

  • Edge Grip Variation 1

    Ben demonstrates two versions of the Edge Grip, another classic coin concealment from way back when. The first version has you clip the coin between the tips of your thumb and middle finger, where a view of its position has been obstructed. To really sell the move, you'll need another coin to dra...

  • Curl Palm

    Next is the Curl Palm, which is a great in-between move. A highly useful utility move that can be helpful when bridging the gaps in routine between other holds and palms. Let's say you had a coin in Edge Palm, how do you explain the awkward position your hands are in when the extra coin has been ...

  • JW Grip

    This next fun little piece of coin magic is the JW Grip, created by Jimmy Wilson in the 1940s. It's a grip that has seen a notable increase in popularity within coin magic in recent years. After watching the tutorial, you'll understand why. The second phalange on your first finger holds the coin ...

  • Bobo Switch

    The first sleight to introduce the shift into utility moves is none other than J.B. Bobo's Bobo Switch. You'll learn to wondrously replace one coin with another by throwing one of the coins back and forth between your hands. It all takes place under the cover of that very throwing motion. One las...

  • Shuttle Pass

    The next is an essential utility move, the Shuttle Pass. This move will have audiences thinking you're doing nothing more than tossing two coins back and forth, but there is always more going on behind the scenes than any good magician lets on. You're really just tossing one coin back and forth w...

  • Al Baker Steal

    Imagine the Shuttle Pass, but with one more coin added into the mix. Imagining it? Then you've basically got yourself the Al Baker Steal. You'll start with four coins in one hand, and you'll nonchalantly toss them to your other hand. There should be four coins in your other hand now, right? Wrong...

  • Friction Palm

    Most often credited to Johnny Benzais, the Friction Palm is another way of tossing a number of coins from one hand to the other while secretly leaving one behind. This time, you won't need to utilize any palming techniques, though - the coin left behind will be held in place by nothing other than...

  • Click Pass

    The next utility to learn is the Click Pass. This move is for when you have a couple of coins in one hand, and you need to convincingly pass them into the other... The catch? You want to leave one behind. How can you really sell this? What will make it almost impossible to doubt that you've done ...

  • Spellbound

    This next move, Spellbound, allows you to transpose two coins. One minute the coin is in one hand, the next minute a completely different coin has mysteriously taken its place. All it takes is a little rub, rub, rub and you've done something extraordinary.

  • Spellbound Variation

    Ben presents a variation of the Spellbound change. Almost everything is the same, except for one thing. This variation uses the French Drop for a smoother, sans rubbing transposition. You'll also be able to present an actual, completely empty hand to the audience afterward. A win, win.

  • Han Ping Chen

    This move is an old classic from the deep dark depths of coin magic. It's a method of getting all of your coins into one hand, similarly to the Shuttle Pass. In recent years though, Han Ping Chen has been all but completely replaced with more modern and efficient moves. Nevertheless, it is a trul...

  • Finger Palm Production

    To begin the transition to productions, making a coin appear at your fingertips, is the Finger Palm Production. This production is easy to learn, practical and versatile. It can be used to produce a coin from behind someone's ear, behind an object on a table and much more.

  • Classic Palm Production

    Next is the Classic Palm Production. You'll do a little wave and out of nowhere, a coin appears. What's going on here? To figure it out, you have to look no farther than its name. You release the coin from Classic Palm during your waving motion. In an instance, where there was no coin in sight, t...

  • Downs Palm Production

    Ben demonstrates how to produce a coin from Downs Palm. One wave of your hand and the coin will just pop into existence. How does it work? As you may have guessed, you are simply going in and out of Downs Palm. Simple enough, right? How does something so simple appear to be so magical, though?

  • L'Homme Masque Production

    Your hand is completely and undeniably empty. You make a fist and suddenly a coin appears? How is it possible? Another clever little production from Classic Palm, the L'Homme Masque Production, is how.

  • Coin Production from Clothing

    Using nothing but the production from Finger Palm, Ben shows you how to make a coin appear from your or your spectator's clothing. A pull there, a slight tug here and suddenly, a coin materializes right out of the material on yours or their shirt.

  • Coin Production from Handkerchief

    This is a production that works wonderfully at a dinner party. If you have a napkin or handkerchief accessible, you can perform this sleight. Your friends and family will be positively charmed when you produce a coin from the handkerchief, especially after you've provided ample proof that there w...

  • Finger Palm Vanish

    Now it's time for the fun stuff: vanishes. Kicking it off with an easy one, the Finger Palm Vanish. It depends upon your timing and ability to really sell a move. If you slack there, your audience will know something's up. You wouldn't want to expose this move, right?

  • Finger Palm Vanish Variation

    This variation on the Finger Palm Vanish follows the same principles as its predecessor. It's all about your ability to sell your act, again. Even though you never actually pick the coin up, it'll look just like it evaporated as soon as it touched your fingers. One second it's in one of your hand...

  • French Drop

    This vanish is equal parts pretty and easy. The French Drop is a very popular and widely used sleight that every great magician should know. It's a highly versatile sleight, one that's not just useful in coin magic, but in sleights of all kinds. Mastering this move is sure to pay off in the long ...

  • French Drop Multiple Coins

    Using the same mechanics, this variation on the French Drop packs in an extra illusion with its completion. Since you are vanishing multiple coins at once, you have the added bonus of sound. The clicking of the coins, while you're performing this vanish, is a value add that works to further convi...

  • Retention Vanish

    Your audience will swear on their lives that they saw the coin enter your hand, no doubt about it. How can they be so sure of a farce? It's made possible thanks to something called retention vision or the persistence of vision. The visual perception of an object persists despite it no longer bein...

  • Thumb Palm Vanish

    This next sleight takes everything you learned from the Thumb Palm and turns it into a vanish, instead of just a mere concealment. Similarly to the previous Retention Vanish, the audience will believe you've dropped the coin into your outreached and waiting hand. Instead of just not dropping the ...

  • Classic Palm Vanish

    As we talked about before, this move begins in open Classic Palm. This prepares the coin to easily transition into Classic Palm, readying it for the vanish. The audience will again believe the coin has dropped into your empty hand. Again, they'll be proved wrong when your unclenched hand reveals ...

  • Fingertip Retention Vanish

    Ben teaches you how to retain a coin with your fingertips. This allows you to complete another striking and wholly convincing vanish. This is helpful for when the retention vanish seems to take a little too long sometimes, and you need something a little snappier to match your style and speed. If...

  • Striking Vanish

    This next brilliant vanish was created by the even more brilliant magician, David Williamson. After innocently tapping the coin with a pen of your choice, it will actually vanish right before your audience's eyes. You'll never close your hand or obstruct their view of the coin in any way. How is ...

  • J.W. Vanish

    The J.W. or Jimmy Wilson Vanish uses the mechanics you previously learned with the J.W. Grip. It's a top-notch coin concealment turned into one of the most striking and shocking coin vanishes in magic.

  • Jumbo Coins

    Ben introduces the next segment in this series, jumbo coins. They're big three-inch, metal coins that you can find in novelty shops, magic shops, or online. Jumbo coins are perfect for producing at the end of a coin routine for a big, flashy finish, from someone's ear, or you can use it for when ...

  • Basic Grips

    Ben demonstrates some of the basic grips you'll need to know when handling jumbo coins. The first grip up is the good old Tenkai Palm. This grip is the most popular and widely used when using jumbo coins.

  • Curl Palm

    An extension of the Tenkai Palm is this move, the Curl Palm. Curl Palm holds the coin along the middle fiddle and curls around it. This action creates a shield around the coin and frees up the thumb, allowing for you to multitask while hiding the coin. Maybe you could pick up a handkerchief or si...

  • Full Palm

    Ben demonstrates what he uses to produce a jumbo coin from a spectator's ear. The Full Palm is almost like a classic palm done with a jumbo coin, but a bit different for some obviously big reasons. Your fingers will wrap around and over the coin, with your thumb running along its edge. This is th...

  • Basic Productions

    Now to move into some of the basic productions to be utilized with jumbo coins. Ben kicks it off with the Full Palm Production. To perform this you'll need to push your thumb underneath the coin, and kick it upwards to your fingertips. Keep in mind, the more of the coin you show and the less hand...

  • Jumbo Coin Production

    Now you'll learn how to produce a jumbo coin from a regular-sized one. Just like the Shuttle Pass, you'll be substituting one coin for another, just with a bit larger results. This is something that'll come in handy later when practicing the Flurry routine.

  • Basic Vanishes

    Moving on, Ben introduces some basic vanishes for when you're working with jumbo coins. Can you really still make a coin disappear when it's 5x its original size? You may pleasantly surprise yourself.

  • Retention Vanish into Tenkai

    Just like the Toss Vanish, you'll be able to make a jumbo coin disappear by placing the coin into Tenkai Palm. This cover will hide the coin as you continue to act out the rest of the vanish. The audience will be none the wiser until you turn over your hand to reveal... the jumbo coin has been lo...

  • One Coin Flurry

    The last segment of this series sees Ben covering full-blown routines with coins, where you'll put everything you've learned so far together into a cohesive whole. You finally have all the pieces of the puzzle and are ready to present your finished product to the world. The first routine up is th...

  • Coins Across

    Where are the coins? Which hand are they in? Where will they end up next? These are all questions your audience will be asking themselves when you perform Coins Across for them. You'll always be one step ahead of the curve. Or one coin ahead, should we say?

  • Coin Thru Handkerchief

    Ben demonstrates a classic coin routine by Bobo. The Coin Thru Handkerchief is very effective and convincing, the audience will have a hard time explaining the magic you've displayed. Since you've shown them every angle of this trick, underneath the handkerchief included, what you've down will se...

  • Coins Thru the Table

    Now, using the Han Ping Chen move, you'll learn how to perform the routine Coins Thru the Table. You can also use the move to perform a larger scale Coins Across Routine. Either way, you're gearing up for a massively impressive and unforgettable routine.

  • Coin in the Pen

    A vanish and production move slapped into one really entertaining and interesting routine. Who knew that all you needed to perform some serious coin magic was just one pen? Ben performs one of his favorite routines. A quick, simple and topical venture into coin magic that will have audiences' hea...

  • The Matrix

    All credit is given to the great Al Schneider when performing this classic coin routine. The Matrix combines cards and coins to create a visually spectacular routine that'll really blow your audience away. All this while still being relatively easy to master and perform.

  • Chinese Coin Assembly

    Starting with the classic Matrix Position, you'll have four coins displayed. Instead of using cards like before, you'll only need to use your hands to make the coins travel across the table at your will. A few waves of your hands and soon enough all the coins have found there way back to each oth...

  • Fingertip Coins Across

    Now its time for one of the most popular coin plots in all of modern coin magic, Fingertip Coins Across. It's also known by the more popular name that Chris Kenner gave his rendition, the Free Fly. Soon as you watch this tutorial, you'll understand why it's garnered such a good reputation. You'll...

  • Four Coin Production

    A variation of Cardini's Touch of Midas, the Four Coin Production is as straight forward and practical as it gets in coin magic. Where once there was nothing, now lies two dollars worth of half dollars. Might come in handy later when you find yourself short on cash.

  • Three Coin Production & Vanish

    You start out with two hands and a little bit of magic. You just need to squeeze your fist hard enough and poof! A coin appears right smack in the middle of your palm. That's not enough, though! Just reach over to the elbow and poof! Another coin materializes out of thin air. You touch the opposi...

  • Spellbound Variation 2

    This routine takes some of Dai Vernon's classic moves in Spellbound and reworks them to create an amusing little modern routine. You'll present the audience with a new counterfeit coin that's been making its way through the magic circuit. It may look like just any old half dollar, but really its ...

  • 2 in Hand 1 in Pocket

    You place two coins in your hand, the third goes into your pocket. It doesn't like to stay put though, this coin is very flighty. No sooner has it entered your pocket, does it leap out, travel up your arm, and across your chest to join the other coins. Maybe it isn't as flighty as it just has som...