Coin in Balloon with Michael Bairefoot

Coin in Balloon with Michael Bairefoot

The ultimate Coin In The Balloon effect will amaze your audience every time!

Have your spectator mark a side of a coin while you blow up a balloon. As you're tying up the balloon ask your spectator to hand you the marked coin. Showing your spectator both the balloon and the coin without breaking the balloon you are able to insert the coin into the balloon. You can even ask your spectator to verify that it is the same coin! This trick baffles everyone every time. But the trick isn't done now once the coin is in the balloon you are able to control with your voice the speed at which the coin spirals around the width of the balloon.

As an ADDED BONUS in this instructional magic training course you will learn Michael Bairefoot's signature card force!

Your spectator freely chooses a card from a normal face up deck and holds onto it. When you take the card and lose it in the deck. While fanning the deck face down have your spectator choose a card and every time it will be their chosen card. Every time.

Learn these essential tricks and more such as Michael Bairefoot's rope magic trick routine and even the classic Torn & Restored Card.

With these tricks you can create an entire well-rounded magic routine to perform for your family and friends that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Easily pick up these effects as Michael takes you step-by-step through each trick for fast learning.

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Coin in Balloon with Michael Bairefoot