Jacks to Backs Instant Download

Jacks to Backs Instant Download

Get Ready for Jack Maxwell's card extravaganza.

In this magic training course, Jack will take you on an entertaining step-by-step production of card tricks.

So sit back and check it out!

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Jacks to Backs Instant Download

2 Videos

  • Jack to Backs Volume 1 Instant Download

    Volume 1:
    What to Get
    Gamblers Cop
    Snap Change
    Hofzinser Color Change
    Turnover Pass
    Motion Sickness Cut
    Double Dragon Cut
    The Pluck
    Play Boy Cut
    S.W. Erdnase Color Change

  • Jack to Backs Volume 2 Instant Download

    Volume 2:
    Card Spin
    Dealing Position
    Bittle Position
    How to Spread the Cards
    The Dribble
    Liquid Spring
    Flutter Change
    The Pluck
    Little Flourish
    Orbital Spin
    TG Murphy Deck Flip
    LT Count