DominaTricks: 25 Self Working Card Tricks

DominaTricks: 25 Self Working Card Tricks

Join Simon Lovell in Dominatricks, a series dedicated to supplying beginners in magic with very strong, foundational card effects that require little to no sleight of hand at all. This series isn't solely for beginners, though. Experts may be delighted when they stumble upon a couple of long-forgotten effects that they might want to throw back into their routine.

Course Includes:
The Trick That Fooled Einstein
Out of This World
Lorayne Poker Deal
Christ Aces
Find the Card
Aces from the Pocket
Card in Card Case
Telephone Trick
Your Numbers Up
Three Chip Bet
Whimsy Aces
Now You See Em!
Do as I Do
Sarne's Topsy Turvy Cards
Topsy Turvy with a Chosen Card
You Just Out of Cards
Four Deuces
Pookie the Dwarf
Simple Sandwich
Jack Catch
Instant Appearance Sandwich
Simple Key Card Betcha
Simon's Multiple Reverse
Daryl's Dream Card
Daryl's Dream Card Four Ace Revelation
Sleights Taught

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DominaTricks: 25 Self Working Card Tricks
  • Dominatricks Full Volume - Download

    Course Includes:
    The Trick that Fooled Einstein
    Out of This World
    Lorayne Poker Deal
    Christ Aces
    Find the Card
    Aces from the Pocket
    Card in Card Case
    Telephone Trick
    Your Numbers Up
    Three Chip Bet
    Whimsy Aces
    Now You See Em!
    Do as I Do
    Scarne's Topsy Turvy Cards
    Topsy Turvy with a Chosen Card

  • Introduction: Dominatricks

    Simon Lovell introduces Dominatricks, a series dedicated to supplying beginners in magic with very strong, foundational card effects that require little to no sleight of hand at all. This series isn't solely for beginners, though. Experts may be delighted when they stumble upon a couple of long f...

  • The Trick That Fooled Einstein

    Simon presents a trick that John Northern Hilliard once described as nearly 12,000 years old in his 1994 book Greater Magic (with More Greater Magic). Hilliard was right, this trick has had a very long and interesting theory popping up in various publications until it was popularized by the Engli...

  • Out of This World

    Paul Curry's wonderful trick, Out of This World could be considered the counterpart to the previous one Simon just performed. As that one is known as the Trick that Fooled Einstein, this one has been referred to as the one that fooled Winston Churchill. Your spectator will separate the deck by co...

  • Lorayne Poker Deal

    First published in Close-Up Card Magic in the 1960s, the Lorayne Poker Deal still mystifies and perplexes audience to this day. You'll be able to demonstrate the little amount of work required for you to be an impressive gambling cheat. After you walk your audience through the ins and outs of bot...

  • Christ Aces

    Each of the four aces are individually placed into the deck. No two cards are placed into the deck the same way. Similarly, no two cards are found the same way, either. Henry Christ's delightful little trick requires almost no sleight of hand at all to control the aces in your deck and surpass yo...

  • Find the Card

    Simon presents another little trick... or rather, Dominatrick, that he discovered within a Frank Garcia book. A very simple, yet highly impressive move, Find the Card allows you to demonstrate your uncanny ability to track cards as they move through a deck. The trick doesn't end when their cards ...

  • Aces from the Pocket Performance

    Prepare to amaze with this incredible card trick. Ask your chosen audience member to check that your jacket pocket is empty. They will then shuffle the deck and place it inside your pocket. To give them peace of mind, you won’t even touch the cards. With a nod and wink, you reach in and carefully...

  • Card in Card Case

    More often than not, your audience is more than a little skeptical to let you alone handle the cards. They want to make sure you aren't pulling a fast one on them. This Eddie Fields trick, Card in the Card Case, lets them take complete control of the cards... or so they'll think.

  • Telephone Trick

    Telephone tricks are quite prized within the magician community. These are tricks that do not require being in the same room, city, or even state as your spectator. The secret is that it doesn't matter where they are, you'll always be two or three steps ahead of them. They won't be able to deny y...

  • Your Numbers up

    Do you really want to shock your spectator? If so, this trick will more than exceed your expectations. All you have to do is find their card and be a bit of an industrial spy. It probably wouldn't hurt to know their phone number beforehand too.

  • Three Chip Bet

    Are you a gambler? Simon demonstrates a bet that's been going around. The only thing you need to know is, don't take the bet. Harry Lorayne's Three Chip Bet will beat your spectator every single time.

  • Whimsy Aces

    Another trick pulled from a significant Frank Garcia book, Whimsy Aces is a classic transformation that'll perplex and stun your audience as you turn your deck's four aces into completely different cards. They'll think you've exposed yourself with some poor hand placement choices, until you flip ...

  • Now You See Em!

    In another Frank Garcia trick, Now You See Em!, you'll melt your spectator's chosen four of a kind straight out of the deck. Right before their eyes! Unfortunately though, you're going to need those four of a kind later when you want to play cards again. No worries, all it takes is a simple snap ...

  • Do as I Do

    One of the great "daddies" of card magic is the Do as I Do principle. A classic trick that was featured in the Anthony Hopkins film, Magic, in its most basic form. Simon demonstrates how it was performed in Magic and another version that was published by Frank Garcia. No matter what you do, just ...

  • Scarne's Topsy Turvy Cards

    Scarne's Topsy Turvy Cards was the brain child of John Scarne and Bob Hummer. Simon demonstrates the original version of this trick, after which he performs one with his own little twist. When the trick has been completed, the cards in both of your piles will be all mixed around, up and down... o...

  • Topsy Turvy with a Chosen Card

    Topsy Turvy is a great way to do the face up and down prediction move, but it's not the only way to do this that Scarne and Hummer ever created. This move uses the cards in a slightly different way, though. Instead of mixing the deck up even more, you'll be sorting it out completely... well, all ...

  • You Just Ran Out Of Cards

    This is a seriously killer trick. One that is very worth being called a Dominatrick. A race to see who runs out of cards first, you or the spectator. As their last card is drawn, it'll become clear that you were one step ahead the entire time.

  • Four Deuces

    What happens when John Scarne and Stanley Jaks get together to create a self-working effect? It's Four Deuces, an effect that is so self-working that it's, in Simon's words, "as self-working as a self-working effect could be." You'll perform a miracle, all while holding the cards behind your back.

  • Pookie the Dwarf

    One of Simon's most requested routines is this version of Karrell Fox's torn and restored tricks, Pookie the Dwarf. Your spectator will sign a random card and it'll be placed back into the deck. As per usual you'll attempt to find the card within the mixed up deck... except this time you'll be do...

  • Simple Sandwich

    Simon walks you through some of his favorite sandwich effects. These moves are fundamental, need-to-knows for magicians at any level. Simon will demonstrate and explain the simple and the lovey dovey sandwiches. Both are easy to pick up and even more fun to perform.

  • Jack Catch

    Simon provides a tutorial of his own sandwich, Jack Catch. This move was the first work of Simon's to be published, ever. As the name may have given up, you will use two jacks from your deck to 'catch' the chosen card. Once you've found their card using only two jacks, they'll have to give you cr...

  • Instant Appearance Sandwich

    A beautiful thing with sandwich effects is to make the chosen card appear instantly between the cards. You'll fake out your spectator at first, hiding their chosen card. Little do they know, you've set up your trick so well that you could hand the reins over to your assistant and there's nothing ...

  • Simple Key Card Betcha

    What could possibly be practical, fundamental and a potentially unbeatable bar bet simultaneously? A routine that contains multiple foundational, need to know moves for aspiring and established magicians alike? All that while also being a practically unbeatable bet? The Simple Key Card Betcha doe...

  • Simon's Multiple Reverse

    Simon introduces a spectacular bar bet that will get everyone at the bar involved and positively invested in the outcome. The whole bar will be shocked when you prove that you can snatch all of their signed cards out of the deck in under 1/8 of a second. They'll refuse to believe you at first, bu...

  • Daryl's Dream Card

    Simon teaches you a practically hands-free prediction trick that will surprise your audience every single time. Daryl's Dream Card lets the spectator feel in control as they shuffle and deal the deck out, making the final result all the more puzzling. They'll be unable to understand or explain yo...

  • Daryl's Dream Card Four Ace Revelation

    This trick builds off the previous Daryl's Dream Card, and still lets the spectator feel like they're in complete control. They'll totally and completely believe in their command over the deck after you've kept your hands to yourself the whole time. However, when they flip the piles they divided ...

  • Sleights Taught

    While most of the tricks taught throughout this series require no sleight of hand at all, there are a few outliers that do. This bonus section covers the very simple sleights that those few outliers will require a knowledge of and experience with.