The Amazing Series 80 Magic Tricks You Can Master

The Amazing Series 80 Magic Tricks You Can Master

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This includes the Card Tricks, Everyday Objects, Rope Magic, Money Tricks, Forcing a Card, Paper Magic and Coin Tricks Collections. Over 80 magic effects that can be learned with ease, and are still powerful enough to amaze!

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The Amazing Series 80 Magic Tricks You Can Master

7 Videos

  • Amazing Series: Card Tricks Instant Download

    If you're ready to learn simple, yet effective card tricks to shock your audiences, this magic training course is for you!

    Course Includes:
    Introduction to Card Magic
    Do as I Do
    Out of this World
    Instant Magician
    You Do the Magic
    Rosini Double Reverse
    How to Deal a Royal Flush
    Pure Mind Readi...

  • Amazing Series: Everyday Objects Instant Download

    Do you want to learn magic that you can do on the spot, just about anywhere you go? This series about magic with everyday objects will provide you with the guidance and skill necessary to do just that. You'll learn how to amaze your audience with tricks using napkins, pens, cups, straws, and much...

  • Amazing Series: Rope Magic Instant Download

    Rope magic is a powerful part of a magician’s act. Learn how to make the magic happen in this instructional magic training course with nothing but a piece of rope!

    Course Includes:
    Introduction to Rope Magic
    Basic Routine with Spectator
    What Rope to Use
    Cut & Restored
    Endless Loop
    Uneven End...

  • The Amazing Series: Forcing a Card Instant Download

    This instructional magic training course includes a variety of techniques and tips to help you master the art of forcing a card on your audience and performing an unforgettable trick!

    Course Includes:
    Introduction to Forcing a Card
    Cross-Cut Force
    Hindu Force
    Cut Deeper Force
    Slip Cut Force: Va...

  • The Amazing Series: Money Magic Instant Download

    This instructional magic training course will help even the most inexperienced magician shock their audience and spectators with classic money tricks such as the Torn & Restored Bill.

    Course Includes:
    Introduction to Money Tricks
    Penetrating Bills
    Torn & Restored
    Inside Out Bill
    Chango B...

  • The Amazing Series: Paper Magic Instant Download

    This instructional magic training course makes it easy to learn and perform popular paper magic tricks and is a must-have for magicians young and old!

    Course Includes:
    Introduction to Paper Magic
    Torn & Restored Newspaper
    Torn & Restored Napkin
    Torn & Restored Office Notes
    Ad Test

  • The Amazing Series: Coin Tricks Instant Download

    Join Ben Salinas to learn some of the coolest tricks you can do with everyday coins. Ben will demonstrate and give step-by-step instructions on vanishes, appearances, and some really cool whole pieces of magic that will stun any audience. No gimmicks here, just pure sleight of hand. The best part...