Do You Want to Learn Magic?

Do You Want to Learn Magic?

The 12 Best Tricks In Magic Are On This Complete Magic Course!
PLUS learn how to perform the Self-Levitation Illusion.

Rob Stiff will share with you the very best of street magic. That includes coin vanishes mind reading rope magic book mind reading and so much more.

See how easy it is to make a coin vanish right out of your hand and reappear! From cards coins rubber bands and ropes to mind reading tricks that use ordinary books you get it all!

The tricks are easy to perform and are designed to fool everyone.

Course Includes:
One Pack Wonder (Cards)
Two Decks are Better than One
Vanish and Reappear (Coin Trick)
The Money Roll (Paper Currency)
The Jumping Match
Card in the Envelope
Cut and Restored Rope
The Rubberband Penetration
Mind Reading Book Trick
Card on the Napkin
Coin Thru the Table
Card in the Mind
You'll also learn one of the most guarded secrets in magic... the self levitation illusion.

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Do You Want to Learn Magic?