ReinCARDnation with Kris Nevling

ReinCARDnation with Kris Nevling

Kris Nevling brings you the world's first piece by piece FULL restoration of a signed playing card that uses only ONE card!

Nothing Added! Totally Impromptu. Everything is able to be examined before during and after the routine.

Any Card. Anytime. Anywhere.

Master this original effect from the torn and restored card illusion to leave your spectators bewildered by this incredible trick!

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ReinCARDnation with Kris Nevling
  • Reincardnation Full Volume - Download

    Course Includes:
    Discussion between Kris Nevling and Ben Salinas
    Teaching by Kris Nevling
    No Pocket
    Alternate Spin
    Slow Motion 2nd Piece
    Slow Motion Final Piece
    Blank Card
    Discussion Continued

  • Performance

    Do you believe in reinCARDnation? If not, Kris Nevling will turn you into a believer. Learn the difference between what is merely an optical illusion and what is a full blown illusion that deceives all the senses. All it takes is one card.

    Kris performs his routine, the world's first piece-by-...

  • Discussion

    Ben Salina joins ReinCARDnation to interview our host, Kris Nevling. Kris recounts everything from the origin of the trick to its current iteration.

    Salina and Nevling also discuss best practices and why this particular illusion is
    so memorable to every audience that gets the chance to witn...

  • Teaching

    Kris takes you step-by-step, fold-by-fold and tear-by-tear through his complete restoration routine. A nice, clear picture is painted by showing multiple angles for maximum understanding of the mechanics behind the trick.

  • No Pocket

    Kris introduces the no pocket version of the routine. This modification gives you the freedom to perform this trick immediately, on the spot and with no preparation. Or, if you just simply aren't really feeling the pockets part of the routine. It's all about having options.

  • Alternate Spin

    If you didn't feel totally comfortable with the motions demonstrated in the previous videos of how to restore the last piece of the card, Kris provides an alternate spin option for just that. This alternate move may make the move flow much easier and smoother for you.

  • Slow Motion 2nd Piece

    Kris presents an alternate handling for the second restoration you'll have to do during your routine. This alternative is just as smooth and seamless as the original but may prove to be easier to handle for some performers. You're encouraged to try both to see which ultimately works the best for ...

  • Slow Motion Final Piece

    Kris demonstrates the Slow Motion Restore, an alternate move for restoring the final and most crucial piece during your routine. This move has you slow it down a bit, playing to the audience a bit more than before. You'll be building the tension up as you slowly drag the last piece done into its ...

  • Blank Card

    This variation on the trick allows the participant to keep a card at the end. All you need is a blank faced card folded into quarters. By the end of this 3 minute video you'll be able to make that card disappear right from out of their hands using nothing but a market.

  • Discussion Continued

    Ben Salinas rejoins Kris for some final thoughts on his routine and another close-up performance that fits in really well with reinCARDation. The Million Dollar Card trick allows Kris to return the signed card to his participant, unlike the reinCARDnation.