ReinCARDnation with Kris Nevling

ReinCARDnation with Kris Nevling

Kris Nevling brings you the world's first piece by piece FULL restoration of a signed playing card that uses only ONE card!

Nothing Added! Totally Impromptu. Everything is able to be examined before during and after the routine.

Any Card. Anytime. Anywhere.

Master this original effect from the torn and restored card illusion to leave your spectators bewildered by this incredible trick!

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ReinCARDnation with Kris Nevling

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  • Reincardnation Instant Download

    Course Includes:
    Discussion between Kris Nevling and Ben Salinas
    Teaching by Kris Nevling
    No Pocket
    Alternate Spin
    Slow Motion 2nd Piece
    Slow Motion Final Piece
    Blank Card
    Discussion Continued