The Master's Card Magic Bundle

The Master's Card Magic Bundle

Beginner to Expert Card Magic with Bonus Coin Magic. Digital Download Bundle.

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The Master's Card Magic Bundle
  • HotShot with Cards Volume 1: Lifts & Color Changes Full Volume - Download

    Are you ready to become a hotshot card performer? If so, you've found the perfect place to start. Ben Salinas has created a comprehensive learning journey through a collection of some of the best color changes and double lifts in magic today.

    In volume one, Ben provides step-by-step instruction ...

  • Introduction: Hotshot

    Ben Salinas introduces the series Hotshot, the most comprehensive collection of color changes ever. Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig and Max Malini all said that the color change was the most incredible piece of magic you could possibly do with a deck of cards. Each of them were renowned for their master...

  • Ed Marlo's Snap Change

    Watch as the cards instantly transform right before your eyes! Ed Marlo's Snap Change is a true classic within in the magic community. It is probably the most practiced color change in existence, and for good reason. In just a snap, you inexplicably change the appearance of a card. How do you do ...

  • S.W. Erdnase Color Change

    In 1902, S.W. Erdnase published the single most influential book on the art of sleight of hand, The Expert at the Card Table. Often called the Houdini, this is another classic color change that every magician should know. All this classic trick takes is one simple, seemingly effortless wave of yo...

  • S.W. Erdnase Double Transformation

    After you've mastered the Erdnase Color Change, you'll finally be ready to follow it up with this move: the S.W. Erdnase Double Transformation. It may be twice the work, but the payoff is well worth it. You'll transform not just one, but two cards in swift succession for twice the impact on your ...

  • Winter Change

    Developed by John Cornelius in this 1970s, the Winter Change is a double, back-to-back color change guaranteed to blow spectators away with its visual appeal. Simple yet devious and sly, this color change is so smooth and fluid what's really going on beneath the surface is undetectable by the unt...

  • Flip Flop

    Ben Salinas introduces the Flip Flop, a move that commonly goes uncredited that Salinas first found in an old Linking Ring, in a routine by Dan Huffman. Huffman properly credited in one of the close-up fantasy books of Paul Harris, an extremely accomplished magician that Magic magazine listed as ...

  • Classic Pass

    The Classic Pass is most commonly used to control a card to the top or bottom of the deck, but can also be used as a fun little color change as well. You just have to be extra careful about it because unlike other color changes, you're moving a lot more cards to achieve this effect. 51 cards to b...

  • Clip Steal

    Now that you've made it this far, you're finally ready for Ed Marlo's Clip Steal. In order to achieve this crafty and clever color change you'll need to start by stealing a card from the bottom of the deck. Instead of taking the card into a full classic palm, you'll clip it between your pinky and...

  • Second Change

    Now we're ready for the Second Change. For this move you'll be doing just that, a Second Deal. More specifically, you'll be be doing a Strike Second Deal. A move whose original intended use was to help out cardsharps and dealers, can actually help with the execution of a perfect and flashy color ...

  • Top Change

    Next, it's time to learn a highly visually appealing and compelling color change called the Top Change. In this routine, you'll exchange the card in your hand for the top card on the deck with such stealth and agility that your audience won't be able to explain what's happened. Even if it did hap...

  • Flick Change

    What start with nothing more than a simple double lift and a common pinky break, ends with a magical flick that'll change everything. Ben Salinas demonstrates how to instantly transform a card with only a quick flick. In no time at all, you'll have changed a black card to a red one, or vice versa...

  • Piroet Change

    Ben introduces the Shape Shifter Change, a technique created and published by a terrific magician named Oscar Munoz. You'll slightly manipulate the shape of your chosen card for rather startling results. Suddenly, red will snap to black or black to red. One card will suddenly become an entirely d...

  • Wink Change

    What's that old saying? In a blink of an eye, everything can change? What about what can happen in the wink of an eye? Maybe even more can change. Ben exposes the secrets behind the Wink Change, a color change that actually happens in a wink of an eye.

  • Window Change

    The Window Change is the perfect color change routine to have prepared when performing for a larger crowd. As the name implies, the magic and sleight is on full display here. A fact that not only makes it easier to see the color change take place, but also makes it easier to believe there is exac...

  • Miracle Change

    All you need to perform a Miracle Change is your own breath. Just one breath will produce such a miraculous color change that even you'll be impressed with your own skill. To accomplish this magical phenomenon, you'll need to remember the spinning double move Ben introduced in a previous video. T...

  • HotShot with Cards Volume 2: Sizzling Color Changes Full Volume - Download

    Welcome back! It's time to continue your journey of becoming the hotshot card performer of your dreams! Thanks to Ben Salinas and this collection of showstopping color changes, it's all within grasp. You'll be wowing your friends, family, and crowds in no time at all.

    In volume 2 is where you'll...

  • Tossing a Double to the Deck

    Ben demonstrates Tossing a Double to the Deck, a move he first learned from an effect by Dan Huffman in an old Linking Ring magazine. Although this is not an overly difficult move, it does require a bit of a knack and so, requires a bit more practice than others until it flows effortlessly.

  • Slap to the Table

    Did you ever think you'd be able to perform so much magic by simply slapping a table? Nothing more than a single slap is needed to produce a terrific, highly visually intriguing color change effect withe The Slap to the Table, which is a variation on the Flick Change.

  • Hermann Pass

    Ben demonstrates how to use the classic, traditional Hermann Pass as a color change technique. The Hermann Pass is typically used to control a card to the top or bottom of a deck. Now you can add another use to this already essential trick, that should already be stowed away in your card magic ar...

  • Variation

    Ben presents a variation on the previous Hermann Pass as a color change technique he just demonstrated. You'll be using the same moves, but learning a bit of new choreography for another show stopping color changing effect.

  • Sloppy Double Deal

    Surprisingly easy and still impressively visual, the Sloppy Double Deal is a fun little trick - especially if you enjoy making a few messes every now and again. The only real trick is figuring out how to get all your cards down in the first place.

  • Double Color Change

    The Double Color Change, is an entertaining color change credited to Chris Kenner, Charlie Miller and Jack Merlin. The set-up for this move is a little different than any of the other color changes covered so far. So you can achieve your double color change, you'll need to pull out your chosen fo...

  • Tunnel Change

    If you've made it this far, you're finally ready for the Tunnel Change. A color change that looks harder than it really is, it'll give your fingers a chance to rest in-between all these other more difficult color changes. Just because it's easier doesn't mean it's any less exciting than the other...

  • Double Lift Changed Under the Arm

    Although this trick is a bit easier than most, it does require a fair amount of finesse. Since this color change happens under the arm, you have to always remember to be mindful of where your audience is. You certainly wouldn't want them to see what's really going on here. Where's the fun in that?

  • Eidetic Change

    Ben introduces another classic color change, Ed Marlo's Eidetic Change. The Eidetic Change is truly exciting for audiences because of how open it is compared to other tricks. They'll believe they're seeing everything, so no funny business could possibly be happening here. All you'll need to pull ...

  • Double Fan on Table

    This flashy color change simply requires you know how to do a one handed fan in both hands. A sweep with both of the fans will produce a spectacular color change that'll even have you wondering how you do it.

  • Double Lift

    Now it's time to use that good ol' Double Lift as a color change. If you're well-versed in the Double Lift, you'll have absolutely no problems turning it into a delightful color change. That's because there's really not much else to it than that.

  • Push in Change

    Do you think the cards in your deck have their own special magic? After this trick, your audience sure will. Using a double lift, you'll insert your top card into the middle of the deck where it will mystery transform. The card you inserted and the card you pulled out won't be the same. Are the o...

  • Rub-A-Dub-Dub

    Now we have a variation on the Rub a Dub Dub vanish, with the Rub a Dub Dub color change. A little rub of your cards will make them inexplicably transform from one color to another. It's all made possibly with a Double Lift and the basic moves of the Rub a Dub Dub vanish.

  • Cardini Snap Change

    Now you're ready for a classic, the Cardini Snap Change. The card changes under the cover of just flicking off a piece of dust off the face of the card. Cleaning off the card reveals its true color, or so it seems.

  • Super Flip Utility Concept

    Now you're ready for the Super Flip Utility Concept, a move created and credited to Ben Harris. In order to complete this trick properly you'll need to make a little bit of a gimmick. A homegrown gimmick that's always in your deck and ready to go. That homegrown gimmick consists of just two tiny,...

  • Midnight Shift

    Sometimes referred to as the Graveyard Shift, Steve Draun's Midnight Shift is a variation of the Hermann Turnover Pass, but done with a little extra flare. Like the Hermann, when you rotate to your left, you'll enter into the L-Shape - but, instead of creating cover for the deck, you'll quickly s...

  • Paintbrush Change

    This first-rate color change credited to Sid Lorraine is a serious fan favorite. Ben will teach you how to accomplish it, as well as how to appear to be painting your deck with nothing more than one single, specious playing card. Nope, no paint or paintbrushes required to accomplish this second t...

  • Fan Cover Change

    Learn to produce a color change that's as majestic and timeless as Romaine, the great Canadian manipulator, himself. You'll discover how magically remarkable things can happen under the simple guise of a well polished one-handed fan. A red card can instantly transform into a black one, and vice v...

  • Jennings-Hofzinser Change

    Ben introduces another classic color change developed by two quintessential, significant figures in card magic and modern card-artistry. To catalyze this color change reaction, you'll need to stroke your top card and be extra mindful of your angles. As soon as you draw the top card away, it's es...

  • Tebe Change

    The Tebe Change, a color change with a special and exciting flare, gets its name from a move essential to completing it and the man who created it. Robert Bertram is credited with creating this color change that requires you know Tenkai palm. Hence the name. Tenkai + Bertram.

  • Tenkai Color Change

    It's time to learn another way to produce a striking color change using the good ol' Tenkai palm. After this tutorial, you'll even surprise yourself with how quickly you're able to produce a seriously killer color change. A real Hot Shot move.

  • Altman's Double Color Change

    Are you the type that isn't satisfied with only shocking your audience once? You just need to get that surprise follow up in there somewhere. Al Altman's Double Color Change is the perfect thing for you, then. Just when you've piqued their interest with one impressive color change, you'll then kn...

  • Variation

    If the previous Altman Double Color Change interested you, but was a little too above your skill level - this variation is for you. It might be easier for some to begin this trick with your chosen card already palmed. This gives you one less step to worry about during your presentation... which ...

  • No-Palm Color Change

    The often miscredited or blatantly not credited at all, No-Palm Color Change is the brainchild of the great Dai Vernon. This color change is entirely dependent upon practice and timing. Once you've got the timing down, and you've stopped accidentally flashing your top card - you'll find that this...

  • Pinch Color Change

    Next, we have another great color change from Dai Vernon called the Pinch Color Change. Unbelievable, colorful magic will happen in a pinch (or two) after you've mastered this move.

  • Startling Change

    Are you ready to startle your audience? This Jerry Andrus sneaky color change will definitely do the trick. Not only do you have to create a mystifying color change under pressure, you'll also have to reinsert your card back into the middle of the deck without being detected. Think you're up to i...

  • Throw Change

    Are you ready to throw it all out there? Well, maybe not all of it... The Throw change is an old, old trick thats origins are all but untraceable. Another magic origin story written off to antiquity.

  • Spin Change

    Think you can spin your deck and make an insane color change happen at the same time? Get ready to test your multitasking abilities with this fun, fairly easy color change.

  • Tabled Color Change

    Under the guise of merely squaring the deck, you'll be able to pull off a very visual and remarkable color change for your audience. The best part? You don't even have to worry about handling the whole deck at once. The whole change is... you guessed it, totally and completely tabled.

  • Flutter Change

    Ben shows how to complete Gary Kurtz' Flutter Change. This color change works perfectly into a routine. When you flip the first card and it's not their card, your spectator will be a little disappointed. So, with one wave of your hand you'll make their card appear at the last second. A little fak...

  • One-Handed Top Palm

    The One Handed Top Palm is easier than meets the eye and is sure to delight your audience. The move occurs at a very unusual time, right when you hand the deck over to the spectator. Using your pinky, you'll make the control card pop right up into your palm as you hand the deck out to completely ...

  • Killer Card Tricks featuring Kris Nevling Full Volume - Download

    From the creator of "reinCARDnation" and "Legend with Cards," Kris Nevling brings you "Killer Card Tricks With No Sleight of Hand.” Kris will perform and teach you the real work behind these killer card tricks!

    As an ADDED BONUS, you will be introduced to some of the best card forces and easy sl...

  • Impossible 1

    Kris Nevling introduces Killer Card Tricks, a collection of the greatest card tricks that you can do with NO sleight of hand. They're sure to fool everyone. The first routine Impossible is a real crowd stopper. It's a hands-off move that will give the spectator all the power.

  • Impossible 2

    This next move is a variation on the previous Impossible trick.. and it'll be the easy card trick you'll ever learn. Now you and the spectator get equal time with the deck, but you'll still be dividing up the deck by color by guess... and you'll still shock them.

  • Think Force

    First, you'll make a quick prediction. Second, the spectator will tell you to stop dealing out the deck. Third, you'll astound them.

  • Royal Triumph

    You're going to have a real mess of a deck after this trick... or will you? After mixing up the whole deck, placing some cards face up and others face down, you'll inexplicably guess your spectator's chosen card... even if it hasn't made its way into the rest of the deck yet.

  • Any Card Thought Of

    Your spectator will think of any number between 1 and 52. Any number at all. The catch? They'll never tell you what that number is... and you'll still find their card anyways.

  • The Convincer

    So you need a card control that requires no sleight of hand? Look no further than the Convincer. A card is chosen, replaced into the center of the deck and shuffled. Then you show them that their card is neither on the top nor bottom. You sit the deck back down... and where's their card? Right on...

  • The Gambler

    It's time to move a poker move that'll leave you with the perfect winning hand every single time. Don't play poker with that guy!

  • Time Machine

    Did you ever think you'd be able to do a card trick using a clock? Well, you're going to after this tutorial. The clock will help you find their card and a little something extra.

  • Open Prediction

    Another exceptional prediction trick that requires absolute zero sleight of hand. Your audience won't believe their eyes once they're seeing quadruple.

  • Match Maker

    Every card has its mate. Same color and same number. Let's find them... each and every one of them.

  • Any Two Cards

    Finding one person's chosen card is hard enough... finding two people's chosen cards, which they haven't even drawn or said aloud? Impossible! Isn't it?

  • Unknown

    Your spectator will be thinking of themselves as a matchmaker after this move. After the two cards, they place into the deck at random places just so happen to find their mates, there'll be no other explanation.

  • Instant Reversal

    In only an instant you'll snap your spectator's card, making it reveal itself from the place it's hiding within the deck. Even while holding the deck behind your back.

  • Opps Force

    Now it's time to learn how a move that will make any spectator pick any card of your choosing... and it's completely self-working. No sleight of hand needed for this force.

  • Cut Deeper Force

    You could do this force with your back turn... plus, you'll even already know what card they picked before they've even picked it.

  • Hindu Shuffle Force

    It's simple, it's easy and best of all? It's even self-working. Feel the full impact of a powerful force with half the effort.

  • The Glide

    This next move will appear to be nothing short of a miracle to your spectator. How could you possibly change the appearance of the bottom card in an instant? Or maybe the better question is, how can you appear to change the appearance of the bottom card in an instant?

  • Double Lift

    If you plan on advancing with your card magic, you're definitely going to want to know this next move, the Double Lift. What's a double lift? Exactly what it sounds like. After this video, you'll be able to covertly turn over two cards as if they were one.

  • Houdini Color Change

    This last move is a very visual and impressive color change that shockingly doesn't require any sleight of hand. Kris will teach you how you too can change the color of any card with nothing more than one wave of your hand... but that's not enough, is it? You'll also learn how to turn it back to ...

  • Color Change Routine

    Now, to close out this series, Kris demonstrates one of the greatest effects in card magic. You'll change the color of the backs of the cards multiple times. Red to blue, blue to red and back. Your spectator won't be able to keep up... and they'll even have a souvenir to take home after.

  • Close-Up 21: Ultimate Collection of Close-Up Effects Full Volume - Download

    In this instructional magic training course, you will learn 21 marvelous close-up tricks that you can do anywhere, anytime. From using everyday objects such as coins and rubber bands to astonishing card feats, you will get it all from these tutorials! The step-by-step instruction makes it easy to...

  • Zarro

    Step-by-step tutorial of the full-deck false shuffle, the Zarro Shuffle. Spectators will believe you've completed a normal, trustworthy riffle shuffle. What they don't know is that despite the shuffle, the original order of the deck has remained the exact same.

  • Gambler

    Learn another classic false shuffle, the Gambler. This unweaving shuffle, first presented in Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue, will be impossible for any spectator not to believe.

  • Top Card

    The final false shuffle presented in this series, the Top Card, does just as the name suggests. While you do appear to give the deck a thorough and randomizing shuffle, the top card somehow returns to position every single time. No matter how closely they watch you at work, they won't be able to ...

  • Second Deal

    Second Dealing is a sleight frequently used within card tricks and gambling. The secret is actually explained within the name of the trick itself. Instead of dealing from the top of the deck, you start with the second card. This allows you, the dealer, to either avoid relinquishing a favorable ca...

  • Bottom Deal

    Learning and perfecting the art of the bottom deal is essential for any aspiring magician. This classic sleight will prove to be endlessly useful in an array of moves and routines. Why is this particular sleight so valuable? It's because of its location - the bottom. The bottom of the deck is the...

  • Gambler's False Cut

    A type of card manipulation, the Gambler's False Cut is a sleight aimed solely at maintaining the top card's position - even after having appeared to be cut. The audience believes you've randomized the deck, making it impossible to know the identity of the deck's top card still. Or is it?

  • Hundi

    A simple, yet highly effective move that allows you transform the color of any card with nothing more than a wave of your hand. One of the best and most visually appealing moves within card magic.

  • TeBe

    The TeBe Change, also known as the Bertram Change, is an elegant and beautiful color change when executed correctly. Two cards will appear as one as you allow the spectator to view this change from every possible angle... well, almost every possible angle.

  • Blink

    This color change happens so fast you could blink and miss it. Since the change happens so fast, Blink requires a lot of practice in order to acquire the dexterity and swiftness to draw the bottom card to the top without detection.

  • Knuckle Cut

    The Knuckle Cut allows you to cut the deck using only one hand. One-handed cuts like this are a crucial move for all advanced magicians to master. Not only are they visually impressive, they are an essential move for many advanced card tricks.

  • False Cut

    Learn how to combine two of the most essential sleights for any magician by mastering this one-handed false cut. You'll still have all the flare and impressiveness of a one-handed cut, while also controlling the location of your chosen card.

  • French Drop

    The French Drop, demonstrated in the video with a coin, is actually a classic sleight used to make small objects disappear. A truly universal trick that'll prove to be endless helpful for any magician attempting any close-up tricks.

  • Spider Vanish

    Ed Marlo's classic Spider Vanish, often referred to as the Spidergrip Vanish, uses the previously demonstrated French Drop and a bit of crafty misdirection to make a coin disappear without a trace. Not only is this single coin drop's difficulty level relatively low, it is also guaranteed to baffl...

  • Restoration Coin

    Learn how to do a very simple, traditional and practical single coin restoration. Auspicious angles and hand techniques are all you'll need to make this sleight come to life. After this video and a little bit of practice, you'll be able to make a coin disappear and reappear in 6 seconds or less.

  • Illusion Bands

    In under two minutes, you'll learn how to create a brilliant illusion with only two rubber bands. In seconds, it'll appear as though you have managed to not only interweave the two bands - but have also succeed in untangling them.

  • Fusion - The One Trick You Need to Know

    Did you ever imagine that one day you'd be able to effortlessly fuse two rubber bands together? No longer a thing of fantasy, this video will teach you how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task in just under two minutes.

    All you need to do is find a rubber band & believe in magic...

  • Restoration Rubber Band

    One ordinary broken rubber band is presented to your audience, shown off from all conceivable angles. By all accounts, it's just another broken rubber band that's beyond repair. You can't fix one once it's been snapped... or can you?

  • Coin Across

    As it turns out, magically transposing three coins back in forth between your hands isn't as hard as you'd think. Your audience doesn't have to know that, though. In this video, you'll learn how to do just that with such a level of ease and confidence you'll trick any and everyone that witnesses ...

  • Shadow Coins

    David Roth and Michael Ammar's classic shadow coins routine has fooled magicians from all over the world. This trick's secrets are finally revealed so that you too can begin to fool magicians and audiences alike. How do you transpose four coins back and forth without ever sliding or picking them ...

  • Spoon Bending

    Learn how to inexplicably bend a metal spoon with only your touch, no pressure applied. All it takes to make this miracle happen is a bit of rubbing the spoon and faith. When you present the now bent spoon from every angle your audience won't know what to believe.

  • Do You Want to Learn Magic? Full Volume - Download

  • Introduction: Do You Want to Learn Magic?

  • Two Decks are Better Than One

  • Vanish & Reappear Coin Trick

  • Cut & Restored Rope

  • Rubber Band Penetration

  • Mind Reading Book Trick

  • Outro: Do You Want to Learn Magic?