Total Control with Cards with Rudy Hunter

Total Control with Cards with Rudy Hunter

Join Rudy Hunter teaches you something undeniably amazing with cards. This technique is based on a concept that has been around for decades., and something Rudy himself has used for the past 20 years. Learn what total control is and how you too can use it to improve your routine! Like Rudy, you'll be using it for years to come.

Course Includes:
Total Control with Cards
Total Control by Feel
Total Control by Sight
Total Control by Fancy Handling
Total Control in a Ribbon Spread
Total Control Aces
Total Control Tips
Crimp Cards Compared to Total Control
Bonus Ace Routine

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Total Control with Cards with Rudy Hunter

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  • Rudy Hunter's Total Control with Cards Instant Download

    Is it possible to secretly have total control over a selected card? Learn how to take a regular deck of cards to make one very simple improvement and then gain total control over a spectator's selected card or cards! Learn step-by-step with Magic Expert Rudy Hunter. It's easy and deceptive!