The Ultimate Card Magic Kit - Instant Download

The Ultimate Card Magic Kit - Instant Download

Simon Lovell's Toolbox Collection puts together over 170 moves from the beginner to the middle magician to the expert! Whether you're just starting out to find new techniques for maneuvering cards or are an experienced magician brushing up on ideas this is the right set of magic training for you!

Course Includes
170 Moves ranging from Beginner to Expert Level

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The Ultimate Card Magic Kit - Instant Download
  • Dominatricks Full Volume - Download

    Course Includes:
    The Trick that Fooled Einstein
    Out of This World
    Lorayne Poker Deal
    Christ Aces
    Find the Card
    Aces from the Pocket
    Card in Card Case
    Telephone Trick
    Your Numbers Up
    Three Chip Bet
    Whimsy Aces
    Now You See Em!
    Do as I Do
    Scarne's Topsy Turvy Cards
    Topsy Turvy with a Chosen Card

  • Encyclopedia of Card Moves Volume 1 Full Volume - Download

    Volume 1:
    Key Card
    Vernon Key Card Subtlety
    Fan Return Using Key
    Moving Key Card Behind Back
    Double Under Cut
    Slow-Mo Pass
    Riffle Pass
    Tan Hok Wan Pass
    Spread Pass
    Randy Spread Pass
    Dribble Pass
    Poor Man's Help
    Kelly Ovette's Master Move
    Simon's Reverse Kelly
    Side Steal
    Over Reach Side Steal

  • Encyclopedia of Card Moves Volume 2 Full Volume - Download

    Volume 2:
    Push Off Second
    Stud Second
    One-Handed Second Deal
    One-Handed Stud Second
    Push Out Bottom
    Stud Bottom
    One-Hand Bottom Deal
    Bluff Center
    Side Strike Second
    Top Strike Second
    Mario Automatic Second
    Sydney the Hamster
    Overhand Top Card Control
    Bottom Stock Control
    Top Stock Control
    3 Stock...

  • Encyclopedia of Card Moves Volume 3 Full Volume - Download

    Volume 3:
    Cross Cut Force
    10-20 Force
    Christ Cut Deeper Force
    Fan Force
    Table Fan Force
    Riffle Force
    Dribble Force
    World's Easiest Riffle Force
    PATIO Force
    Magician's Choice Force
    Vernonesque 3-Way
    Using the Hindu Shuffle
    Wesley James Hindu Force
    Trevor Lewis Simple Force
    Pressure Fan
    Giant Fan

  • Encyclopedia of Card Moves Volume 4 Full Volume - Download

    Volume 4:
    Slip Cut and Variations
    Greek Cut
    Thompson Cut
    Back Cut
    Leave it Out
    Table Hop
    Triple Table Cut
    Bluff Cut
    Charlie Cut
    Front Cut
    Front Cut from Middle
    Four-Way Cut
    Simey Cut
    Top Change
    Erdnase Houdini Change
    Simon's Open Hand Change
    Simon's Floop
    Simon's Backward Balthazar
    Sousa Munez C...

  • Encyclopedia of Card Moves Volume 5 Full Volume - Download

    Volume 5:
    Simon's Multiple in Hands Top Change
    Simon's Table Top Change
    Braue Reversal
    Piet Forton Pop Out
    Drop Turn Over
    Slap Turnover
    Biddle move
    ATFUS Move
    Wesley's On the Up Move
    Marlo's Tilt Move
    Add On
    Deep Force up Switch
    Tent Vanish
    The Glide
    Culling a Card
    Rub Away Vanish
    Glimpse Turnove...

  • Encyclopedia of Card Moves Volume 6 Full Volume - Download

    Volume 6:
    Overhand Stack for One Card
    Overhand Stack for Two Card
    Riffle Stacking
    Mucking One Card
    Mucking Two Card
    Stealing from a Hand
    Palming Magician Style
    Flat Palm
    Gambler's Cop
    Bottom Palming-Erdnase
    Bottom Palming-Jennings
    One Hand Palm
    Pickup Stack
    Bubble Peek
    Shuffle Peek
    Back ...