The Ultimate Magic Trick Kit

The Ultimate Magic Trick Kit

The Ultimate Magic Trick Kit


The Amazing Series

Volume 1: Card Tricks
Do As I Do
Out of This World
Instant Magician
You Do the Magic
Rosini Double Reverse
How to Deal a Royal Flush
Pure Mind Reading
Cross Cut Force
Cut Deeper Force
Key Card
Crimped Card
Say When Pass
House False Cut
Cooks Deal

Volume 2: Everyday Objects
Torn and Restored Rubber Band
Paper Clip and Dollar Bill
Torn and Restored Napkin
Floating Pen
Linking Band
Crystal Ball
Book Test
Flip Stick Vanish
Cut and Restored Rope
Floating Cup
Straw Penetration

Volume 3: Rope Magic
Basic Routine with Spectator
What Rope to Use
Cut & Restored
Endless Loop
Uneven Ends
Rope Thru Neck
Rope Thru Girl
One-Handed Knot
Professor's Nightmare

Volume 4: Forcing a Card
Cross Cut Force
Hindu Force
Cut Deeper Force
Slip Cut Force: Variation 1
Slip Cut Force Bonus
Slip Cut Force: Variation 2
Riffle Force
Dribble Force
Short Card Dribble Force
Short Card Riffle Force
Rollover Force
Say When Force
Glide Force

Volume 5: Money Tricks
Penetrating Bills
Torn & Restored
Inside Out Bill
Chango Bill
Karate Bill
Haunted Bill
Levitating Bill
Pen Thru Bill
Coin from Bill

Volume 6: Paper Magic
Torn & Restored Newspaper
Torn & Restored Napkin
Torn & Restored Office Notes
Ad Test
Coin Fold
Afghan Bands
Buddha Papers
Paper Balls Over the Head
Gadabout Balls

Volume 7: Coin Tricks
French Drop
Finger Palm Vanish
Retention Vanish
Rub Away Vanish
Classic Palm
Spider Vanish
Coins Across
2 in Hand, 1 in Pocket
Coin Assembly
Steeple Chase
4 Coin Production

Volume 8: Stripper Deck
Amazing Stripper
Basic Routine
Introduction to the Deck
Multiple Selection
4 Ace Production with Spectator
4 Ace Production
Red Black Separation
Rising Card
Pick Pocket

Volume 9: Svengali Deck
Introduction: Svengali Deck
Basic Routine
Introduction to Deck
Card to Wallet
Card on Arm
Ambitious Card with Spectator
Ambitious Card
One Ahead Prediction
Spelling Trick with Spectator
Card Box Prediction
Mailed Prediction

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The Ultimate Magic Trick Kit