Bar Tricks - Learn & Master Bar Betchas

Bar Tricks - Learn & Master Bar Betchas

Simon Lovell presents an exciting project full of the very best and most impressive bar betchas from all over the planet. After you watch this course, you'll be able to use these tricks as Simon does, and never have to buy another drink ever again. Night and day, forever. That's his promise (and gift) to you.

Introduction - 0:00:00
Tricky 5s - 0:00:51
Roman Numerals - 0:02:49
When Wrong Math is Right - 0:04:18
The Hamilton - 0:06:11
Salt & Pepper - 0:07:23
The Impossible Match Throw - 0:09:00
3 Drinks for $1 - 0:11:26
Sealed Bottle - 0:15:21
The Most Unique Object in the World - 0:17:18
Moving Water - 0:20:12
Tower of Pi - 0:22:30
Floating Paper Clip - 0:26:07
The Wrong Card - 0:28:03
Horses & Stables - 0:33:39
Fireproof Fingers - 0:35:19
Knotted Cigarette - 0:37:58
Toothpick Math - 0:41:20
Fold it Again - 0:43:32
The Honeycomb Fold - 0:46:02
Copycats - 0:48:52
Trig Coins - 0:53:05
Money in the Hand - 0:55:04
Same Birthday - 0:56:16
Bill Drop -0:57:39
Spoons of Pain - 0:59:08

Bar Tricks - Learn & Master Bar Betchas
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  • Introduction: Bar Tricks

    Simon Lovell introduces his series, Bar Tricks. A collection of some of the best, sure-fire ways to win free drinks for life. Soon you'll be able to use these tricks just as well as Simon, and never spend another dollar at your local bar. Are you ready to learn some seriously fun and impressive b...

  • Tricky 5s

    Starting off with a little bit of math, Simon quizzes his spectator Rebecca on an impossible equation. How could four fives ever equal to 555. She only has one line to add to the equation to make it work. Think she can do it? See if you can figure it out before she does!

  • Roman Numerals

    Math can be fun... when it's with Simon! He'll show you how sometimes two plus four can equal nine. All you need is a little help from the alphabet. This one is a free drink guaranteed!

  • When Wrong Math is Right

    One more math one for you, then we're onto the little bit more exciting stuff. Not to say this one isn't exciting too. Your spectator doesn't even get to hold the pen or add anything to the equation this time... just adding to its perplexity. It also works perfectly along with the previous two ma...

  • The Hamilton

    Ready to put people's historical knowledge to the test? All you'll need is a ten-dollar bill and someone to make a bet with. Gather these things and you'll walk away with a free drink, and they'll have learned a fun fact about history. It's basically a win-win for everybody involved.

  • Salt & Pepper

    Do you think it's possible to separate out a salt and pepper mixture in under ten seconds? Is it possible to move the different granules to their respective corners, so that they are no longer blended together? What if I told you it was possible and that you'll learn how to do it? Would you belie...

  • The Impossible Match Throw

    Simon is going to teach you an olympian level throw that'll earn you either another free beer or a few bucks (neither of which is really a bad deal, honestly). What's the throw have to do with you earning another free drink or some cold hard cash? Well, it's all about how what you're throwing lan...

  • 3 Drinks for $1

    Let's say you enter the bar and reach down into your pockets only to discover what is... or rather, what isn't in there. All you pull out is one measly dollar bill. Definitely not enough for the fun night you had in mind. If only there was some way to turn that sad, lone dollar bill into more tha...

  • Sealed Bottle

    Simon demonstrates how to talk a big ole drink from a bottle of champagne.... the catch? He does it without ever opening the bottle or removing its cork. A great way to maybe win a free bottle of champagne for you and your partner, perfect for a romantic night together.

  • The Most Unique Object in the World

    Can you think of any object throughout the world and its history that no one has seen before... and will never, ever see again? Does any crazy historical artifact come to mind? One of Indiana Jones-esque proportions? Nothing? Really... because Simon has just that, and you might feel a little mad ...

  • Moving Water

    Simon teaches you how to transfer water from a saucer into a cup... but of course, there is a catch... as always. Your spectator isn't actually allowed to touch the saucer... or use a straw... or any other little loopholes they may be thinking of.

  • Tower Of Pi

    it's time to put your math skills and know-how to the test again. This time it's with a little bit of a more advanced subject matter than just adding and subtracting, though. The circumference versus the height of a glass. Nobody will ever be able to beat this bar betcha, even if they are really ...

  • Floating Paper Clip

    Let's say you're at a business convention or something of the like, and you want to either impress a peer or weasel a free drink out of them... what do you do? Simon has just the thing. In this clip, he'll teach you how to make a regular, non-gimmicked paperclip float in water. Does that sound im...

  • The Wrong Card

    You can't do bar betchas without at least ONE card trick. It just wouldn't be right! Lucky for you, Simon has the perfect card trick to include in your bar trick repertoire. You're guaranteed to fool every single person you make this bet with, every time. Especially when you fake them out at firs...

  • Horses & Stables

    Imagine this, a farmer has ten horses and only nine stables. Each horse needs a place to sleep tonight and none of them get along. How can the farmer possibly solve this conundrum? Would you like a hint? It has to do with a little bit of wordplay.

  • Fireproof Fingers

    Watch as Simon dupes Rebecca not once, but twice with some clever match tricks. First, you'll learn how to actually lit a match underwater. If that wasn't enough, Simon will then demonstrate how to have fireproof fingers. No matter how long you hold the match, your fingers will never burn. Are yo...

  • Knotted Cigarette

    Simon bets you that he can tie a cigarette into a knot. Yes, an actual knot. He even goes as far as to claim that even after it's been tied into a perfect little bow, the cigarette will still be totally and completely smokable. Is it sounding a little too farfetched? You should never underestimat...

  • Tooth Pick Math

    We're nearing the end of this little PhD course in bar betchas. Before we get to the very end, Simon throws in another little math trick... using cocktail toothpicks this time, though. Your spectator needs to solve the math equation using roman numerals, but they aren't allowed to touch the tooth...

  • Fold It Again

    It's time to find the strongest person in the bar and get ready to make a bet. Ask them if they think they can fold a piece of paper in half just nine times. Just a measly piece of paper. Of course, they can do it, right? How could they possibly fail? Nothing's ever that simple when it comes to b...

  • The Honeycomb Fold

    Another little trick with paper... well, more specifically, another trick that involves some pretty creative and unique paper folding techniques. So unique is this folding, it can't even be duplicated. It's so hard to duplicate that... well, it makes the perfect bet and the perfect way to win a f...

  • Copycats

    Now it's time to play a round of Simon Says... which, Simon just happens to be perfect for. He's also a professional at leading people a bit... astray. So be careful, he might even trick you like poor Rebecca. Rebecca, who now owes Simon... how many drinks?

  • Trig Coins

    You have ten quarters placed in the shape of an arrowhead. How can you change the direction the arrow is pointing, by only moving three coins? If there's a possibility of a free drink, you know Simon will always find a way. It might even be much easier than you're thinking right now...

  • Money in the Hand

    Simon has 36 cents in his hand. 36 cents and one of the coins is NOT a quarter. Again, to reiterate that point... one of the coins is definitely NOT a quarter. So what are the coins in his hand, then? How can they equal 36 cants if one of them is not a quarter?

  • Same Birthday

    What are the odds that in a room of 30 or so people, that two of them would have the same birthday? According to Simon, the odds are 3 to 1 in his favor... but, you'll just have to trust him on that one. If that one didn't get you, Simon has one more little word trick that's sure to stoop you and...

  • Bill Drop

    Do you have a problem with letting money slip right from between your fingertips? Like, no matter what you do, you can't help but lose your money? Well, maybe you have a money spending problem... or, it could also be that you just lost another bet to Simon. If you have to buy him another drink th...

  • Spoons Of Pain

    Finally, the last bar bet. The ultimate bar bet to rule all other bar bets. Are you ready for it? Are you ready for the game of pain? It's a test of strength and endurance. Only the strongest of the strong can beat it. Grab a spoon, and let's give it a go!