Super Subtle Card Miracles: 40+ Card Tricks

Super Subtle Card Miracles: 40+ Card Tricks

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In this series, Simon Lovell presents over 40 dynamic and unique, easy to perform and easy to learn card miracles! You will learn fabulous card magic that almost anyone can do with a little bit of practice. While you're uncovering the mysteries behind these card tricks, Simon also provides extra invaluable hints and tips that will astonish your audience.

New York Opener -
Dave's Delight -
Super Subtle Shuffle -
Whimsy Aces -
Crazy Aces -
Speller Transition -
Now You See 'Em -
The Bullet Trick -
F.T. Cut -
Coming up in the World -
Topsy Turvy -
All Backs -
Out of Town Kings -
A Surprise Package -
The Miracle Worker -
Instant Change -
Chicago Style -
Faro Shuffle -
Plunger Discovery -
Jackrobatics -
Dingles Elevator -
Camouflage -
King Kut -
Supreme Reverse -
Vanishing Deck -
Happistance -
Ace Faroleros -
Lady Up My Sleeve -
Optical Aces -
Opps Again -
Flourish Discovery -
Ambitious Opener -
Double Lift Feint -
Double Lift & Change -
Impossible Poker Stack -
Peek Diablo -
Super Special Prediction -
Super Special Prediction Variation -
One-Two False Cut -
Maximus Control -
Double Peek Control -
Simon's Double Peek Control -
Daley's Knockout -

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Super Subtle Card Miracles: 40+ Card Tricks
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  • New York Opener

    Simon Lovell performs the color change trick, the New York Opener to kick off this series of easy to learn and easy to perform card magic and moves. A series based on the 1973 novel, Super Subtle Card Miracles by Frank Garcia.

  • Dave's Delight

    This trick allows you to take a little break. You can rely on the deck to do all the heavy lifting this time around. It'll find your spectator's card for you. A wonderful handling of the Dunbury Delusion by David Lederman with a delight surprise at the end.

  • Super Subtle Shuffle

    The ability to perform a false shuffle with an aura of effortlessness is an essential tool for all magicians at any level. This effect doesn't require a card to be chosen, yet an extraordinary amount of magic occurs right before your spectators' eyes. Inspired by Bill Simon's Full Packet Shuffle,...

  • Whimsy Aces

    This classic transformation will perplex and stun your audience as you turn your deck's four aces into completely different cards. They'll think you've exposed yourself with some poor hand placement choices, until you flip the four cards over and prove them wrong.

  • Crazy Aces

    Simon presents Frank Garcia's Crazy Aces, an impressive transformation with a bit of a modified ending. In just under seven minutes you'll learn how to transform all four aces into kings. After that initial shock, you'll wow your spectators once more by cutting to each ace in the your remaining d...

  • Speller Transition

    Do you have a great opener and closer for your routine... but something seems to be missing in the middle? You need a good transition trick to seamlessly weld the two together.

    Simon has the perfect solution for that. The Speller Transition is a predominantly self working trick and requires li...

  • Now You See 'Em

    Simon demonstrates how to make your spectator's chosen four of kind completely and mysteriously disappear from the deck. What if they want them back? All you have to do is simply snap your fingers. The four cards will reappear, face-up and in the center of the deck.

  • The Bullet Trick

    A flashy bit of close-up magic that has you create your very own card gun. You'll even be able to load your gun with a very special card bullet referred to as the big bullet. The big bullet (aka the ace of spades) will actually fire the spectator's chosen card at them.

  • F.T. Cut

    Simon reveals one of a magician's most confidential secrets to his spectators. The secret? The Frank Thompson False Cut. Simon demonstrates two ways to perform this essential trick. Both versions leave you with a deck thats order has remained unchanged.

  • Coming up in the World

    In just under six minutes, Simon will teach you two different ways to perform Wesley James' single card control, Coming up in the World. This is a multi-faceted skill that has manifold uses for the aspiring magician. Equal parts deceptive and delightful, Coming up in the World is essential learni...

  • Topsy Turvy

    Simon demonstrates two versions of Topsy Turvy. First, Simon demonstrates his version that includes a control. After, Simon will show Frank Garcia's version which was based on moves by the famous Canadian magician, Dai Vernon and Tenkai moves. Both version start with a good shuffley-wuffley, though.

  • All Backs

    This move will prove to your audience that you're a true psychic due to your uncanny ability to know the order of the deck before ever even seeing it... just its backs. Although, by the end of the trick, they'll be seeing all backs too. When you're finished, all you'll have to do is snap your fin...

  • Out of Town Kings

    Two of the kings in your deck are going to be your little helpers with this trick. They are going to lead you right to your spectator's card. If they can't find the card, however, they have a tendency to get a little blue for letting you down.

  • A Surprise Package

    In this little routine you'll find yourself creating more than one king sandwiches. These sandwiches include startling color changes, transpositions and more. Again, your four kings will lead you straight to your spectator's chosen card again and again.

  • The Miracle Worker

    Do you think you have what it takes to find three cards instead of just one? That really would be a miracle, wouldn't it? This trick has a long history. Many famous magicians have tried their hand at producing this miracle, including Michael Weber and Alex Elmsley. If you're successful, you will...

  • Instant Change

    Simon will teach you how to turn any four of a kind into a seriously lucky poker hand. Just ask your audience what their personal favorite four of kind is. Then they will watch as their favorite cards transpose right before their eyes. If their new poker hand has taken the place of their favorite...

  • Chicago Style

    Simon presents Wesley James' take on the classic Chicago Opener, the clever and delightful Chicago Style. Your spectator will be expected to freeze their chosen card within the deck. This ice out will really make the cards feel a bit blue.

  • Faro Shuffle

    If you want nothing more than to look like a real, authentic gambling expert - Simon has a foolproof solution for you. The Faro Shuffle is a very, very cunning way to appear a card expert. A little prior knowledge and skills are required, but not nearly as much as your audience will leave believi...

  • Plunger Discovery

    This trick is based around the plunger principle. Put two in and one comes out. Two kings will actually plunge out your spectator's chosen card from where it has been lost within the deck.

  • Jackrobatics

    What is your favorite part of the circus? The elephants or tigers? Or was it maybe... the clowns, unicyclists or the jugglers? If it was the acrobats, you're in luck. Simon has a trick that will allow you to control four jacks up and down a deck like a bunch of trained acrobats. The audience will...

  • Dingles Elevator

    For this trick, Simon demonstrates how to have any four chosen cards take elevator rides up and down your deck... one by one. Another delightful little routine that will require some tight work on order to be delivered successfully.

  • Camouflage

    This move was considered to be fairly top secret back when Frank Garcia published the book this series was based on, Super Subtle Card Miracles. This transposition miracle camouflages your chosen four of a kind by magically turning them into aces - hidden so well, you may never find them again.

  • King Kut

    This trick, King Kut, uses the fundamental technique known as the Braue Reversal. The Braue Reversal is a sleight that allows you to control a card to the top or bottom of the deck... flip-flopped. It uses these techniques to cut the deck to each king within the deck. After though, the kings migh...

  • Supreme Reverse

    This reversal is a simple sequence that'll be almost effortless to pick up for magicians of any caliber. The only real prior skill or knowledge you'll need to be able to execute this trick is of how to control a card to the top of your deck. In the end, the spectator's card will find its way into...

  • Vanishing Deck

    First popularized by Don England in the 1980s with the book Don England's T.K.O.s by John Mendoza, this trick is another highly accessible and easy to learn move. You'll impress your audience in no time at all, the only requirement is - you'll need to take a seat.

  • Happistance

    This time, the cards are all in the spectator's hands. They call the shots every step of the way. In the end, when their prediction has come true - they'll believe that maybe they're the actual magician, not you.

  • Ace Faroleros

    Inspired by an Al Leech routine, Ace Faroleros is a bit of a lost and found situation. In order to find the missing cards, you'll need to put your spelling abilities to the test.

  • Lady up My Sleeve

    Where have the four ladies from the deck gone? They are known to have a special affinity for sleeves and crawling up them. If they're not all there though, where have the others disappeared to? Simon might have an idea or two.

  • Optical Aces

    In this Karl Fulves' trick, Optical Aces, your deck's two red aces will help you determine the location of your spectator's card. They'll be your eyes in the deck. They won't be able to accomplish this alone, though. You may want to enlist the help of their counterparts to finish this trick.

  • Oops Again

    You don't run if you're not being chased. Simon presents another trick that's dependent on your mastery of the art of subtlety. Can you use the most obvious key card on the planet without being found out?

  • Flourish Discovery

    One of Frank Garcia's best kept hidden secrets, the Flourish Discovery. Audiences love this highly visual production trick. In no time at all, you'll have all four aces displayed and ready to help with your next move.

  • Ambitious Opener

    Do you need a real knockout of an opener; an opener that is equally as ambitious as your routine? Simon demonstrates one of Frank Garcia's favorite ways of opening the ambitious card.

  • Double Lift Feint

    Do you need the perfect little joke to pull on some of your fellow magicians? Or do you just want to prove the person that believes they know all there is to know about card tricks - wrong? This amusing trick, the Double Lift Feint, is that flawless little one-over you've been waiting to pull.

  • Double Lift & Change

    Watch as Simon miraculously changes the identity of one card by simply tossing it into his free hand. Sound impossible? Maybe... or maybe not.

  • Impossible Poker Stack

    This trick actually requires a bit of a dirty table... and that you do some cleaning, too. Don't fret, though! After you finish cleaning, you'll be left with an unbeatable poker hand.

  • Peek Diablo

    An astonishingly effective technique that allows you to covertly catch a glimpse of the spectator's card. As always in card magic, this move is accomplished under the cover of doing something else. You will innocently ask the spectator for their autograph and learn everything you need to know.

  • Super Special Prediction

    Frank Garcia referred to this trick as one of his best kept secrets. This trick is simple, but very strong and uses the move you just learned, the Peek Diablo. You'll use that and your impressive prediction skills to locate the same card they've just drawn, but in another deck.

  • Super Special Prediction Variation

    Simon presents an alternative to the Peek Diablo. Another way to catch a glimpse of the spectator's card is this variation on the Super Special Prediction. A more subtle approach is demonstrated, followed by one considerably more bold. The decision is yours!

  • One-Two False Cut

    The One-Two Cut is all about the rhythm. You can control a card to the top of the deck and maintain the original deck order. It can be done with a simple one-two hop. A move that's beyond detection so long as you can keep that rhythm.

  • Maximus Control

    Sometimes you want your hands to look very precise and magical when performing. Other times you just want your work to look rather sloppy and uncontrolled, so that when the magic does happen - it seems to be beyond your control. Simon enacts one such shuffle, the Maximus Control. A shuffle where ...

  • Double Peek Control

    Controlling one card can be learned rather easily, controlling two on the other hand... The Double Peek control can make it a very simple action, however. In seconds the spectator's two card will be controlled to the bottom of the deck and ready for the next step in your routine.

  • Daley's Knockout

    This fun little flourish is a great way to start the effect of four aces. Dr. Jacob Daley's Knockout is quite literal. You are not doing much more than literally knocking the four aces out of the deck. A terrific opener that sets you up perfectly to effortlessly glide into your next move.

  • Outro: Super Subtle Card Miracles

  • Think of a Card also known as Parade of Kings

  • Introduction: Transpo Kings

  • Parade of Kings Performance

  • Imaginary Card in Wallet