Showoff with Cards - Volumes Beginner to Showoff

Showoff with Cards - Volumes Beginner to Showoff

You are about to experience the ultimate collection of show off moves with cards.
Everything you need to become an extreme show off is on this DVD.

Learn the best of the best, step by step, move by move.

Level One Beginner, Level Two Intermediate, Level Three Expert, Level Four Master, Level Five Showoff

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Showoff with Cards - Volumes Beginner to Showoff

5 Videos

  • Showoff with Cards Volume 1: Beginner Instant Download

    Volume 1:
    Thumb Fan
    One-Handed Fan
    The S Fan
    Blank Fan
    Birdy Fan
    Knuckle Cut
    The Triple Charlier
    False Charlier
    Butterfly Cut
    False Swing Cut
    Swing Cut with Card Control
    Tokyo Cut

  • Showoff with Cards Volume 2: Intermediate Instant Download

    Volume 2:
    Tokyo False Cut
    One-Handed Pharoah Shuffle
    Blind Swivel Cut
    Blind Swivel Cut #2
    Ribbon Spread
    Ribbon Spread Twin Peaks
    Ultimate Illogical Cut
    5 Faces of Sybil
    Tiki Cut
    Perfect False Shuffle
    Tabled False Cut
    In the Hands Cut
    Crack Shuffle

  • Showoff with Cards Volume 3: Expert Instant Download

    Volume 3:
    The Pass Cut
    Number Two Cut
    Swing Swivel Dribble
    False One Hand Revolution
    One Hand Revolution #2
    One Hand Revolution #3
    Flipback Vanish
    Jammin' Cut
    Card Spring
    Inverted Card Spring
    Closing the Fan
    The Bridge

  • Showoff with Cards Volume 4: Master Instant Download

    Volume 4:
    Doctor Hatchet Cut
    What Happed to Sybill?
    Hollywood Cut
    Speed Cut
    Blind Rotation Sybill
    Bad Habit
    Ninja Color Change
    Emperor's Fan Change
    Ninja Change Variation
    Snap Color Change
    Chameleon Color Change
    Two Card Color Change

  • Showoff with Cards Volume 5: Showoff Instant Download

    Volume 5:
    Two Card Change Variation
    Double Lift Under Change
    Color Change Pass
    Hip Shot
    Tabled Slap Color Change
    Tunnel Change
    Sloppy Double Deal
    Control This
    Hong Kong Throw
    Flipback Combo
    Awesome Blossom
    The Hex
    Royal Flush Cut
    Ringer Finger Scaling
    1st Finger Scaling
    More Scaling