HotShot With Rubber Bands

HotShot With Rubber Bands

Now you can perform miraculous magic with an everyday object.....RUBBER BANDS! They're everywhere you are; at work, school, in your desk, in the car, and in your pocket. Now you can use this everyday item to stun people with these astounding effects!

Ben Salinas shows you how to make rubber bands vanish, re-appear, penetrate your finger, join together, pass through a ring, jump, melt through a spectator's arm and so much more!

No preparation required. No advance setup. No gimmicks.

As a SPECIAL BONUS, Ben adds two hard-hitting effects that he has closely guarded for years...synthesis and the ultimate band through the wrist, hypertonic! Easy to grasp magic with rubber bands is here for you to learn step-by-step in this complete course!

HotShot With Rubber Bands
  • Introduction: HotShot with Rubber Bands

    Ben Salinas introduces a great series full of incredible impromptu magic with rubber bands. These are tricks that can be done absolutely anywhere and at any time. So, grab some rubber bands and let's get started.

  • Linking Bands

    From the magical mind of Dan Harlan comes Linking Bands, a perplexing rubber band trick worthy of kicking off this series chock-full of fun rubber band illusions for all ages and skill levels. Your spectator will rub the two separate bands together and physically feel as they inexplicable link wi...

  • Penetrating Bands

    The Arthur Setterington's Penetrating Bands is easily the most popular and practiced rubber band trick in magic. After you watch Ben perform it, you'll understand why. This is magic that happens right before your eyes. Even if the spectator never takes their eyes off the bands, they won't be able...

  • Jumping Band

    In this move, the rubber band just can't seem to stay in one place for long. It jumps between your fingers until it eventually tires out, then it'll return to its starting place. That's not all though, for a big finish the rubber band will even disappear into thin air, never to be seen again. Ben...

  • Max Malini's Ending

    Ben presents a positively killer ending to the previous trick, the Jumping Bands. Max Malini was a famous conjurer from many years ago, and when he would perform the routine, instead of putting each finger under the band, Malini would only put two. The result? The band would fly over the spectato...

  • Impossible Jumping Band

    This is the Jumping Band taken one step further. You're going to make this move a little more impossible by adding a guard. With a different colored band that you'll wrap around the tops of each of your fingers, you'll create a makeshift fence that is designed to keep the main band from escaping ...

  • Double Jumping Bands

    As one might assume from the name, Double Jumping Bands is just that - the Jumping Bands move doubled. You'll start with two different colored bands that will ultimately switch places on your fingers. This is done using the same technique as the two jumping band routines prior. It's double the tr...

  • Band Thru Wrist

    This method comes from Willi Schneider, a famous Austrian magician, and medium. You'll wrap the band around your wrist twice, ensuring the impossibility of what you're about to do next. As you start yanking on the band, the crowd will fear you'll break it - but on the third yank, something unexpl...

  • Torn & Restored Elastic

    This torn and restored move from Walter Rollins is a real crowd-pleaser. One second you're snapping the band in half, rendering it irreparable and useless. The next second, though, you've accomplished the impossible. You have restored the band back to its original, unbroken state. How did you do ...

  • Band up the Nose

    Now, we take a bit of a comical turn. Ben demonstrates a funny little move where the rubber band actually shoots straight up your... you guessed it, right up your nose! Who knew that your nose could be should a nifty little hiding place? What else could you hide up there?

  • Rising Ring on Band

    This move may look like an inconceivable feat, but it's actually quite simple when you really get down to it. Ben demonstrates and explains the secrets behind the infamous rubber band trick, Rising Ring on Band. It'll look as if you've honed the ability to move things with just your mind, no phys...

  • Band Thru Sharpie

    You're going to need to borrow a Sharpie for this move. You'll wrap the band around it a few times, really making it stick on the marker. It really looks like it's completely trapped on there. Ben will show you how to remove it in a flash, though. Proving that maybe it wasn't so stuck on there af...

  • Thumb Penetration

    In this tutorial, Ben teaches how to effortlessly diffuse a rubber band through your thumb in front of an audience that will be studying and scrutinizing your every move. After they watch you masterfully complete this move, they won't have anything to critique. They won't even be able to comprehe...

  • Simplified Thumb Penetration

    Ben presents a nice simplification of the Thumb Penetration move from the previous video created by Dan Harlan. You get the same astonishing result, with less of the sometimes clunky or confusing hand movements. In a swift move from both hands, you're in the same set up as before, and ready to co...

  • Snap

    Here's a little quickie called Snap... because it can be done in a snap. You'll start with a deck of cards with two rubber bands on it. In a snap, you'll free the top card from its rubber imprisonment. The other cards will be left behind, though, unmoved and still trapped.

  • Splitting a Band into 2

    How can you make a trick with bands twice as exciting? By adding another band into the mix. Ben demonstrates how to make a second band appear out of thin air to double the shock and awe of your audience.

  • Vanishing an Object in a Silk

    You borrow a ring from an audience member and using nothing but a simple, unassuming silk, you make the ring disappear. The secret here? It's all in the rubber bands. As usual.

  • Elast-Escape

    In this move by U.F. Grant, the spectator's card will literally come flying out of the deck. You'll need just two rubber bands and a marker to make this trick really take off. Just as the spectator has begun to believe their card has been lost, you'll spring into action with this flashy finish.

  • The Deck That Cuts Itself

    Sometimes it's just so hard to find your spectator's card. It's even harder to cut to the exact spot it's hiding within a deck of 52 cards. So, why don't you make it easier? By just adding in some rubber bands you can have a deck that magically cuts the deck for you. That's not even the best part...

  • Y-Not

    Ben provides the explanation behind another little quickie called the Y-Not. To perform this move you'll need two different rubber bands that are noticeably different colors. You'll also need to borrow one finger from an audience member. The rest will happen in a flash. One second one of the colo...

  • Clips That Join

    Using a dollar bill and rubber band, you'll two paper clips join, magically. A little bit of strategic folding and a quick yank, the paper clips will interlock with each other AND the rubber band. If you set it up correctly and pull on the band fast enough, the reaction will happen so quickly tha...

  • Criss Cross

    This is a very impossible way to find a card. In learning Criss Cross, you'll discover how to find your spectator's card from within a deck that's been circled by two different rubber bands. You'll give the deck a little shake and their card will come mysteriously popping out.

  • Thumb Thru

    Ben demonstrates how to do Ben Stone's Thumb Thru. In this move, the band will go literally pass through your thumb. The audience won't believe their eyes when even after they've tested the band themselves, it still manages to escape. It's quite puzzling, alright.

  • The Rubber Band Star 1

    Ben teaches you how to make the elusive five-point rubber band star. A quick and easy showoff move that's visually appealing for all. This is the perfect move for in-between acts that you'll love to have in your back pocket.