Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks


Hot Shot With Rubber Bands • 4m 24s

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  • The Deck That Cuts Itself

    Sometimes it's just so hard to find your spectator's card. It's even harder to cut to the exact spot it's hiding within a deck of 52 cards. So, why don't you make it easier? By just adding in some rubber bands you can have a deck that magically cuts the deck for you. That's not even the best part...

  • Y-Not

    Ben provides the explanation behind another little quickie called the Y-Not. To perform this move you'll need two different rubber bands that are noticeably different colors. You'll also need to borrow one finger from an audience member. The rest will happen in a flash. One second one of the colo...

  • Clips That Join

    Using a dollar bill and rubber band, you'll two paper clips join, magically. A little bit of strategic folding and a quick yank, the paper clips will interlock with each other AND the rubber band. If you set it up correctly and pull on the band fast enough, the reaction will happen so quickly tha...