Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Splitting a Band into 2

Hot Shot With Rubber Bands • 54s

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  • Vanishing an Object in a Silk

    You borrow a ring from an audience member and using nothing but a simple, unassuming silk, you make the ring disappear. The secret here? It's all in the rubber bands. As usual.

  • Elast-Escape

    In this move by U.F. Grant, the spectator's card will literally come flying out of the deck. You'll need just two rubber bands and a marker to make this trick really take off. Just as the spectator has begun to believe their card has been lost, you'll spring into action with this flashy finish.

  • The Deck That Cuts Itself

    Sometimes it's just so hard to find your spectator's card. It's even harder to cut to the exact spot it's hiding within a deck of 52 cards. So, why don't you make it easier? By just adding in some rubber bands you can have a deck that magically cuts the deck for you. That's not even the best part...