Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Thumb Penetration

HotShot With Rubber Bands • 1m 39s

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  • Simplified Thumb Penetration

    Ben presents a nice simplification of the Thumb Penetration move from the previous video created by Dan Harlan. You get the same astonishing result, with less of the sometimes clunky or confusing hand movements. In a swift move from both hands, you're in the same set up as before, and ready to co...

  • Snap

    Here's a little quickie called Snap... because it can be done in a snap. You'll start with a deck of cards with two rubber bands on it. In a snap, you'll free the top card from its rubber imprisonment. The other cards will be left behind, though, unmoved and still trapped.

  • Splitting a Band into 2

    How can you make a trick with bands twice as exciting? By adding another band into the mix. Ben demonstrates how to make a second band appear out of thin air to double the shock and awe of your audience.