Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Jumping Band

HotShot With Rubber Bands • 3m 9s

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  • Max Malini's Ending

    Ben presents a positively killer ending to the previous trick, the Jumping Bands. Max Malini was a famous conjurer from many years ago, and when he would perform the routine, instead of putting each finger under the band, Malini would only put two. The result? The band would fly over the spectato...

  • Impossible Jumping Band

    This is the Jumping Band taken one step further. You're going to make this move a little more impossible by adding a guard. With a different colored band that you'll wrap around the tops of each of your fingers, you'll create a makeshift fence that is designed to keep the main band from escaping ...

  • Double Jumping Bands

    As one might assume from the name, Double Jumping Bands is just that - the Jumping Bands move doubled. You'll start with two different colored bands that will ultimately switch places on your fingers. This is done using the same technique as the two jumping band routines prior. It's double the tr...