Survival Magic: Magic You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime.

Survival Magic: Magic You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime.

Included in this instructional magic training course are some of the very best, no special props required, astonishments that allow you to make magic wherever you go. So, even when you’ve lost your luggage, forgotten your apparatus or are just put on the spot to do something spectacular, you’ll always be ready to rock the room. You'll see that even if have nothing more than a business card or just a measly rubber band or two, you can still make truly spellbinding magic happen.

Survival Magic: Magic You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Introduction: Survival Magic

    What do you do if you've lost everything? All your props have suddenly disappeared or otherwise went MIA. Could you show up and still give an exhilarating performance with only the everyday items around you? Simon Lovell introduces Survival Magic, magic you can do anywhere and at anytime, no prep...

  • Center Tear

    Simon and his assistant, Ashley, demonstrate an effect that can be done at anytime with almost no preparation at all. The only items you'll require are a simple ballpoint pen and a small piece of paper. These two everyday items are all you'll need to convince an audience you're a mind reader.

  • Producing Business Cards

    Imagine this: you run into a situation wherein you want to give someone your business card, but you want to do so with a bit of a magic flare to it. One problem, you've forgotten or lost all your usually needed props. What do you do if you still want to make a lasting, magical impression?


  • Peanut Trick

    Do you want to learn how to produce something that no one throughout history has ever seen... or will ever see again? This peanut trick is a great ice-breaking gag that's sure to surprise and delight every time.

  • Torn Napkin

    Simon demonstrates the Survival Magic version of a classic restoration effect. This version includes a rather suspicious drop-in that'll convince your audience that your act's up. Can you completely restore a torn up napkin to its original, pre-imperfections state while also tricking your audienc...

  • Paper Rose

    According to your host Simon, this is the most important trick in this series. If you only manage to remember one thing from Survival Magic, make it be the Paper Rose. Anyone can buy a rose, only a handful of people in the world can make a rose.

  • Glass Drop

    Another trick you can still preform when you're in survival mode is the Glass Drop. Simon demonstrates and then step-by-step, walks through how to make a glass disappear... even while sitting right next to your spectator or assistant.

  • Sugar Survival

    This trick is a little bit sweeter than the rest... literally. Four sugar cubes are all you'll need to tap into your spectator's sweet tooth. Simon reveals how to easily transport sugar cubes around a table. A trick that can be done with so little effort and such subtlety that'll your audience wo...

  • Sheep & Robbers

    This coin trick, Sheep & Robbers, is great for the younger members of your audience. It all counts on your storytelling abilities.

    If you don't have seven coins available to you, don't fret - this is survival magic, after all. You can use seven of any small, everyday objects. Anything from sev...

  • Rubberband Trick

    Two rubber bands become magically linked and unlinked, all while your spectator holds them both in their very own hands. How is it possible? This brilliantly simple little trick only requires you have two rubber bands... and maybe an extra set of hands.

  • Rubberband & Ring

    Can you do a trick with a broken rubber band? Yes, we can! We just need the help of some good ole survival magic. All it takes is a broken rubber band and a ring, and we can preform a trick and defy gravity all in one go.

  • Business Card Trick

    What does it take to be remembered forever? A dramatic entrance? Or maybe, an especially visually appealing business card? While all those things might help, Simon has the real secret behind never being forgotten. This Business Card Trick will leave a lasting impression on any and everyone you sh...

  • 2 Drink Bar Bet

    Simon teaches you how to play Simon Says... with a twist. After this demonstration you'll be able to trick your spectator, get a laugh and maybe even make a few bucks.

  • Bar Bet with Glass & Deck

    Simon and his assistant Corbin demonstrate one of the greatest bar bets of all time. This is a foolproof, sure-fire way to make some serious coin while out at the bar with some friends.

  • Pyramid Power

    Survival Magic doesn't mean you can't do a little bit of preparation. For example, this trick, Pyramid Power, will require a tiny-weenie bit of preparation in order to achieve flawless execution. If done correctly, this trick will arouse a deeply emotional response from your audience... some migh...