Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Up Next in Survival Magic: Magic You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Paper Rose

    According to your host Simon, this is the most important trick in this series. If you only manage to remember one thing from Survival Magic, make it be the Paper Rose. Anyone can buy a rose, only a handful of people in the world can make a rose.

  • Glass Drop

    Another trick you can still preform when you're in survival mode is the Glass Drop. Simon demonstrates and then step-by-step, walks through how to make a glass disappear... even while sitting right next to your spectator or assistant.

  • Sugar Survival

    This trick is a little bit sweeter than the rest... literally. Four sugar cubes are all you'll need to tap into your spectator's sweet tooth. Simon reveals how to easily transport sugar cubes around a table. A trick that can be done with so little effort and such subtlety that'll your audience wo...