Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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  • Sheep & Robbers

    This coin trick, Sheep & Robbers, is great for the younger members of your audience. It all counts on your storytelling abilities.

    If you don't have seven coins available to you, don't fret - this is survival magic, after all. You can use seven of any small, everyday objects. Anything from sev...

  • Rubberband Trick

    Two rubber bands become magically linked and unlinked, all while your spectator holds them both in their very own hands. How is it possible? This brilliantly simple little trick only requires you have two rubber bands... and maybe an extra set of hands.

  • Rubberband & Ring

    Can you do a trick with a broken rubber band? Yes, we can! We just need the help of some good ole survival magic. All it takes is a broken rubber band and a ring, and we can preform a trick and defy gravity all in one go.