Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Up Next in Survival Magic: Magic You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Glass Drop

    Another trick you can still preform when you're in survival mode is the Glass Drop. Simon demonstrates and then step-by-step, walks through how to make a glass disappear... even while sitting right next to your spectator or assistant.

  • Sugar Survival

    This trick is a little bit sweeter than the rest... literally. Four sugar cubes are all you'll need to tap into your spectator's sweet tooth. Simon reveals how to easily transport sugar cubes around a table. A trick that can be done with so little effort and such subtlety that'll your audience wo...

  • Sheep & Robbers

    This coin trick, Sheep & Robbers, is great for the younger members of your audience. It all counts on your storytelling abilities.

    If you don't have seven coins available to you, don't fret - this is survival magic, after all. You can use seven of any small, everyday objects. Anything from sev...