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Killer Card Tricks with No Sleight of Hand

Killer Card Tricks with No Sleight of Hand

From the creator of "reinCARDnation" and "Legend with Cards," Kris Nevling brings you "Killer Card Tricks With No Sleight of Hand.” Kris will perform and teach you the real work behind these killer card tricks!

As an ADDED BONUS, you will be introduced to some of the best card forces and easy sleight of hand tricks... if you dare.

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Killer Card Tricks with No Sleight of Hand
  • Impossible 1

    Kris Nevling introduces Killer Card Tricks, a collection of the greatest card tricks that you can do with NO sleight of hand. They're sure to fool everyone. The first routine Impossible is a real crowd stopper. It's a hands-off move that will give the spectator all the power.

  • Impossible 2

    This next move is a variation on the previous Impossible trick.. and it'll be the easy card trick you'll ever learn. Now you and the spectator get equal time with the deck, but you'll still be dividing up the deck by color by guess... and you'll still shock them.

  • Royal Triumph

    You're going to have a real mess of a deck after this trick... or will you? After mixing up the whole deck, placing some cards face up and others face down, you'll inexplicably guess your spectator's chosen card... even if it hasn't made its way into the rest of the deck yet.

  • Think Force

    First, you'll make a quick prediction. Second, the spectator will tell you to stop dealing out the deck. Third, you'll astound them.

  • Any Card Thought Of

    Your spectator will think of any number between 1 and 52. Any number at all. The catch? They'll never tell you what that number is... and you'll still find their card anyways.

  • The Convincer

    So you need a card control that requires no sleight of hand? Look no further than the Convincer. A card is chosen, replaced into the center of the deck and shuffled. Then you show them that their card is neither on the top nor bottom. You sit the deck back down... and where's their card? Right on...

  • The Gambler

    It's time to move a poker move that'll leave you with the perfect winning hand every single time. Don't play poker with that guy!

  • Time Machine

    Did you ever think you'd be able to do a card trick using a clock? Well, you're going to after this tutorial. The clock will help you find their card and a little something extra.

  • Open Prediction

    Another exceptional prediction trick that requires absolute zero sleight of hand. Your audience won't believe their eyes once they're seeing quadruple.

  • Match Maker

    Every card has its mate. Same color and same number. Let's find them... each and every one of them.

  • Any Two Cards

    Finding one person's chosen card is hard enough... finding two people's chosen cards, which they haven't even drawn or said aloud? Impossible! Isn't it?

  • Unknown

    Your spectator will be thinking of themselves as a matchmaker after this move. After the two cards, they place into the deck at random places just so happen to find their mates, there'll be no other explanation.

  • Instant Reversal

    In only an instant you'll snap your spectator's card, making it reveal itself from the place it's hiding within the deck. Even while holding the deck behind your back.

  • Opps Force

    Now it's time to learn how a move that will make any spectator pick any card of your choosing... and it's completely self-working. No sleight of hand needed for this force.

  • Cut Deeper Force

    You could do this force with your back turn... plus, you'll even already know what card they picked before they've even picked it.

  • Hindu Shuffle Force

    It's simple, it's easy and best of all? It's even self-working. Feel the full impact of a powerful force with half the effort.

  • The Glide

    This next move will appear to be nothing short of a miracle to your spectator. How could you possibly change the appearance of the bottom card in an instant? Or maybe the better question is, how can you appear to change the appearance of the bottom card in an instant?

  • Double Lift

    If you plan on advancing with your card magic, you're definitely going to want to know this next move, the Double Lift. What's a double lift? Exactly what it sounds like. After this video, you'll be able to covertly turn over two cards as if they were one.

  • Houdini Color Change

    This last move is a very visual and impressive color change that shockingly doesn't require any sleight of hand. Kris will teach you how you too can change the color of any card with nothing more than one wave of your hand... but that's not enough, is it? You'll also learn how to turn it back to ...

  • Color Change Routine

    Now, to close out this series, Kris demonstrates one of the greatest effects in card magic. You'll change the color of the backs of the cards multiple times. Red to blue, blue to red and back. Your spectator won't be able to keep up... and they'll even have a souvenir to take home after.