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Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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Up Next in Killer Card Tricks with No Sleight of Hand

  • Impossible 2

    This next move is a variation on the previous Impossible trick.. and it'll be the easy card trick you'll ever learn. Now you and the spectator get equal time with the deck, but you'll still be dividing up the deck by color by guess... and you'll still shock them.

  • Royal Triumph

    You're going to have a real mess of a deck after this trick... or will you? After mixing up the whole deck, placing some cards face up and others face down, you'll inexplicably guess your spectator's chosen card... even if it hasn't made its way into the rest of the deck yet.

  • Think Force

    First, you'll make a quick prediction. Second, the spectator will tell you to stop dealing out the deck. Third, you'll astound them.