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Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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Up Next in Killer Card Tricks with No Sleight of Hand

  • Double Lift

    If you plan on advancing with your card magic, you're definitely going to want to know this next move, the Double Lift. What's a double lift? Exactly what it sounds like. After this video, you'll be able to covertly turn over two cards as if they were one.

  • Houdini Color Change

    This last move is a very visual and impressive color change that shockingly doesn't require any sleight of hand. Kris will teach you how you too can change the color of any card with nothing more than one wave of your hand... but that's not enough, is it? You'll also learn how to turn it back to ...

  • Color Change Routine

    Now, to close out this series, Kris demonstrates one of the greatest effects in card magic. You'll change the color of the backs of the cards multiple times. Red to blue, blue to red and back. Your spectator won't be able to keep up... and they'll even have a souvenir to take home after.