Card Weapons

Card Weapons

Confidence is a key component when performing card tricks at any level. Your poise is just as important as your skill when performing card tricks. Ben Salinas addresses this very important quality in this magic training, 25 Card Weapons by Magic Makers.

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Card Weapons
  • DJ Shift

    Even if you're nervous or a little too excited, this instant shuffle is so smooth that anyone can pull it off. Ben Salinas' practical trick has so much cover that it will look completely natural to any spectator.

  • Marlo Miracle Switch

    This trick is all about being smooth. The mastery lies within your ability to create a seamless flow from dribble to getting your Tenkai card back up to the top of the deck.

  • Reverse Hermann Pass

    For everyone that who thinks that they can't do a pass, this trick is for you. A reverse of the classic shift developed by Alexander Herrmann in the 19th century. This technique involves reversing or shifting two halves of the deck until your control card is on the top.

  • RW Spread Pass

    Perfected by Randy Wakeman, this trick has you use a quick tap of the knee to control your card up to the top of the deck in mere seconds. Done right, this trick will look so natural that no one will be able to see through it.

  • Vernon Dribble Force

    Tricks don't need to be hard to impress and audience, they just need to be smooth. Ben demonstrates how to force a card using a simple but exciting dribble force. No matter where a spectator tells you to stop, you'll always have their card ready for them.

  • Depth Illusions

    Ben demonstrates a classic illusion by Dai Vernon that used to and still will stump any magician. This purely visual illusion will only take minutes to learn, but will endlessly baffle your audiences for years to come.

  • Push Off One Card

    Ben shows how to transform the card on top of your deck with nothing more than a snap of your fingers. Or is there more to it than that?

  • Push Off Two Cards

    Ben introduces double-lifts and how to adequately prepare yourself for them. It all starts with finding the perfect break under your top two cards. It may take some practice to get the knack of this break, but soon it'll be so natural that nobody will ever be able to catch you doing it.

  • Spread Double Lift

    Ben demonstrates the easiest and most casual way to get a double lift. This double lift is so nonchalant that you'll be able to perform it while you're also engaging with your audience and boosting their excitement for your next trick

  • Pinky Count

    Ben heats it up with a more difficult trick this time around, the one he personally uses to get a double lift every time. This trick will make you work a bit more for it than all previous ones so far, but the payoff is huge.

  • Lorayne Double Lift

    Ben demonstrates the first double lift he ever learned, the Lorayne Double Lift created by Harry Lorayne, a memory-trained specialist and magician from the 20th century that was well-known for his proficiency in card tricks. This trick allows you to very discretely create a break in your deck and...

  • Thumb Count

    Another straightforward but still discreet way to get your break, the Thumb Count is very literal. You need to count the cards with your thumbs to find your way to your break. But, since this trick is so easy the trade-off is that you're exposed that will call for some misdirection on your part.

  • Derek Dingle Double Lift

    This double lift will prove to people that you definitely know your way around a deck of cards. This lift, created by Derek Dingle, a world renowned close-up English magician, takes a certain level of finesse to master. Instead of using your thumb, as in the Lorayne lift, the Dingle lift uses the...

  • Strike Double Lift

    Ben shows yet another way to get a double lift. Using your first finger, you strike the side of the deck to create your break.

  • Twirling Double

    This move, from Canadian magician Gary Kurtz, adds a small flourish to spice up your lift by twirling the cards to create your break.This small embellishment can really help sell your magic to any crowd.

  • Say When Pass

    A pass that isn't even a pass... but ultimately does the same thing as a pass. The Say When Pass allows you to guess anyone's card, every single time.

  • Hindu Shuffle

    Ben demonstrates how to perform one of the basic techniques for beginners, the Hindu Shuffle. This shuffling technique reorganizes the deck into segments to create the illusion that you are working with a deck made up entirely of only one card, repeated over and over again.

  • Paintbrush Change

    One of the smoothest color changes allows you to change a 6 of diamonds into a 6 of clubs with one swift motion. The faster you can complete the trick, the more instantaneous the color change will look. The mechanics of which will be invisible to your audience, making it appear to be real magic.

  • Swing Cut

    The Swing Cut is an easier, smoother swap for those who don't feel completely comfortable performing the Hindu Shuffle.

  • One-Handed Top Palm

    The One Handed Top Palm is easier than meets the eye and is sure to delight your audience. The move occurs at a very unusual time, right when you hand the deck over to the spectator. Using your pinky, you'll make the control card pop right up into your palm as you hand the deck out to completely ...

  • Hip Shot

    Ready to make your audience's jaws drop with a flashy little move? The Hip Shot will do the trick. Ben shows a modified and easier to complete version of this well-known charming trick.

  • Flutter Change

    Ben shows how to complete Gary Kurtz' Flutter Change. If you really want to knock some people out with a single move, look no further than the Flutter Change. This trick will purposely disappoint your audience so that you can find their card in a flash at the last second. Always keeping them on t...

  • Ambitious Card Routine

    Finally, using all the card weapons Ben has taught throughout the course of this series, you'll be able to combine them all into one seriously killer trick.