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Thumb Count

Card Weapons • 1m 9s

Up Next in Card Weapons

  • Derek Dingle Double Lift

    This double lift will prove to people that you definitely know your way around a deck of cards. This lift, created by Derek Dingle, a world renowned close-up English magician, takes a certain level of finesse to master. Instead of using your thumb, as in the Lorayne lift, the Dingle lift uses the...

  • Strike Double Lift

    Ben shows yet another way to get a double lift. Using your first finger, you strike the side of the deck to create your break.

  • Twirling Double

    This move, from Canadian magician Gary Kurtz, adds a small flourish to spice up your lift by twirling the cards to create your break.This small embellishment can really help sell your magic to any crowd.