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Spread Double Lift

Card Weapons • 1m 14s

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  • Pinky Count

    Ben heats it up with a more difficult trick this time around, the one he personally uses to get a double lift every time. This trick will make you work a bit more for it than all previous ones so far, but the payoff is huge.

  • Lorayne Double Lift

    Ben demonstrates the first double lift he ever learned, the Lorayne Double Lift created by Harry Lorayne, a memory-trained specialist and magician from the 20th century that was well-known for his proficiency in card tricks. This trick allows you to very discretely create a break in your deck and...

  • Thumb Count

    Another straightforward but still discreet way to get your break, the Thumb Count is very literal. You need to count the cards with your thumbs to find your way to your break. But, since this trick is so easy the trade-off is that you're exposed that will call for some misdirection on your part.