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Twirling Double

Card Weapons • 2m 12s

Up Next in Card Weapons

  • Say When Pass

    A pass that isn't even a pass... but ultimately does the same thing as a pass. The Say When Pass allows you to guess anyone's card, every single time.

  • Hindu Shuffle

    Ben demonstrates how to perform one of the basic techniques for beginners, the Hindu Shuffle. This shuffling technique reorganizes the deck into segments to create the illusion that you are working with a deck made up entirely of only one card, repeated over and over again.

  • Paintbrush Change

    One of the smoothest color changes allows you to change a 6 of diamonds into a 6 of clubs with one swift motion. The faster you can complete the trick, the more instantaneous the color change will look. The mechanics of which will be invisible to your audience, making it appear to be real magic.