DominaTricks: 25 Self Working Card Tricks

DominaTricks: 25 Self Working Card Tricks

Join Simon Lovell in Dominatricks, a series dedicated to supplying beginners in magic with very strong, foundational card effects that require little to no sleight of hand at all. This series isn't solely for beginners, though. Experts may be delighted when they stumble upon a couple of long forgotten effects that they might want to throw back into their routine.

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DominaTricks: 25 Self Working Card Tricks
  • Daryl's Dream Card

    Simon teaches you a practically hands-free prediction trick that will surprise your audience every single time. Daryl's Dream Card lets the spectator feel in control as they shuffle and deal the deck out, making the final result all the more puzzling. They'll be unable to understand or explain yo...

  • Daryl's Dream Card Four Ace Revelation

    This trick builds off the previous Daryl's Dream Card, and still lets the spectator feel like they're in complete control. They'll totally and completely believe in their command over the deck after you've kept your hands to yourself the whole time. However, when they flip the piles they divided ...

  • Sleights Taught

    While most of the tricks taught throughout this series require no sleight of hand at all, there are a few outliers that do. This bonus section covers the very simple sleights that those few outliers will require a knowledge of and experience with.