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  • Simple Sandwich

    Simon walks you through some of his favorite sandwich effects. These moves are fundamental, need-to-knows for magicians at any level. Simon will demonstrate and explain the simple and the lovey dovey sandwiches. Both are easy to pick up and even more fun to perform.

  • Jack Catch

    Simon provides a tutorial of his own sandwich, Jack Catch. This move was the first work of Simon's to be published, ever. As the name may have given up, you will use two jacks from your deck to 'catch' the chosen card. Once you've found their card using only two jacks, they'll have to give you cr...

  • Instant Appearance Sandwich

    A beautiful thing with sandwich effects is to make the chosen card appear instantly between the cards. You'll fake out your spectator at first, hiding their chosen card. Little do they know, you've set up your trick so well that you could hand the reins over to your assistant and there's nothing ...