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Up Next in DominaTricks: 25 Self Working Card Tricks

  • Instant Appearance Sandwich

    A beautiful thing with sandwich effects is to make the chosen card appear instantly between the cards. You'll fake out your spectator at first, hiding their chosen card. Little do they know, you've set up your trick so well that you could hand the reins over to your assistant and there's nothing ...

  • Simple Key Card Betcha

    What could possibly be practical, fundamental and a potentially unbeatable bar bet simultaneously? A routine that contains multiple foundational, need to know moves for aspiring and established magicians alike? All that while also being a practically unbeatable bet? The Simple Key Card Betcha doe...

  • Simon's Multiple Reverse

    Simon introduces a spectacular bar bet that will get everyone at the bar involved and positively invested in the outcome. The whole bar will be shocked when you prove that you can snatch all of their signed cards out of the deck in under 1/8 of a second. They'll refuse to believe you at first, bu...