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Thirteen With Rudy Hunter

Thirteen With Rudy Hunter

Rudy T. Hunter an accomplished mentalist pulls back the curtain on the mysterious world of mind-reading.This complete volume of magic training will serves as a fantastic introduction into the world of opening your mind and opening the minds of your participants.We think you'll find this training to be fun to watch and enjoy as you master all of the secrets contained inside.

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Thirteen With Rudy Hunter
  • Introduction: Thirteen with Rudy Hunter

  • Invisible Window Performance

    Have you ever wanted to read minds? Now you can with this super easy method. Ask your audience member to imagine any object in the universe and write it onto a provided notepad. Trust us, they truly have a free choice and are not being influenced by any subliminal word suggestions. You then corre...

  • Invisible Window Secret

    All you need is a notepad, giant size binder clip, scissors, and pen. Write on the notepad: “Please write the name of any object in the universe.” Then draw a line near the bottom of the page. The placement of that line is very important for the trick to work.

    Cut a rectangle shape into the top...


    Every book has a thousand words. What if we told you that you could predict the words that someone else is reading without ever seeing what they are? Or at least, give the illusion that you are. This trick does just that. It is one of the most accessible mind-reading tricks every invented because...


    Let your spectator choose between two books picked at random. Without altering them in any way, predict the exact text they are reading. To their amazement, you have read their mind, telling them the first words on the page in the book they are holding! The beauty of this trick is that both book...

  • Birthday Billet Performance

    Have you been looking for an easy routine to shine a spotlight on someone celebrating a special day? All audiences have someone who has a birthday, anniversary, different job, or exciting news to share. Let all your audience members choose a piece of folded paper from a container. Almost everyone...

  • Birthday Billet Secret

    Setup: Cut many index cards in half and leave all of them blank except one. Place your forced choice paper with, “The special one,” into your pocket, out of sight. At the start of the trick, take out your forced folded notecard with the coin purse or small box you’re using. Hide it under the cont...

  • Choice Forcing Method Performance

    Most audience members believe your claim when you say they have a free choice of a card or object. Little do they know you can use a classical technique from magic history to stay one step ahead. Rudy Hunter will show you just how easy it is to add this secret weapon to your next performance. He ...

  • Choice Forcing Method Secret

    There are so many applications for this technique. The props can be changed out for almost anything that is a small object. Have fun applying it to your own original magic routine.

    Pro Tip: Make the object selection as different as possible to reinforce how they could have chosen anything, ev...

  • Drawing Duplication Performance

    What do you get when you combine a quick drawing mixed with intrigue? A truly fun mind reading trick with layers of deception. Rudy Hunter is the master of getting his audience involved with every part of his routine. He will be your guide for this trick.

    Ask your volunteer to draw a small pict...

  • Drawing Duplication Secret

    Congrats on wanting to know exactly how this trick works. Your curiosity will bring you much farther than other magicians who want to keep the same show for years. You will soon get the attention you deserve when this mind reading effect becomes part of your routine.

    With his uniquely funny pers...

  • Serial Number Divination

  • Peek with a Pendulum

  • Psychometry Pouches

  • Mentalism Touch Patterns

  • Bonus: Simple Easy ESP