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Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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Up Next in Top Secret Card Magic: Card Secrets That Will Even Fool Magicians

  • Side Steal Drop

    An effect that even professional magicians don't want you to know about. After this tutorial, with nothing more than a simple and innocent wave of the hand, you'll be able to command any card to the top of any deck.

  • The One

    When it comes to false shuffles, this one-handed effect is truly, The One. You will shock spectators as you unveil a deck in perfect order after what appeared to be a thorough, full-deck shuffle.

  • Transpo

    This trick requires a bit more practice than the previous ones, but the payout is totally worth it. Kris demonstrates how to smoothly transport the aces and queens in your deck back and fourth until your audience never truly knows which card is where.