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Top Secret Card Magic: Card Secrets That Will Even Fool Magicians

Top Secret Card Magic: Card Secrets That Will Even Fool Magicians

Go undercover with any deck of cards. Kris Nevling is highly skilled in the art of card magic. And now, he’s unlocking decades worth of secret card techniques just for you. You won’t want to miss any of these astonishing effects. Learn how to easily make cards change color or move places inside the deck. “Phantom Control” and “Restored Card” are two of the standout tricks in this series. Your deck is waiting for you to declassify these routines!

Top Secret Card Magic: Card Secrets That Will Even Fool Magicians
  • Introduction: Top Secret Card Magic

    Introduction to Top Secret Card Magic and its host, Kris Nevling. Through the next 12 videos, Kris will unveil the great secrets of card magic. By the end of the series, you'll even be able to fool magicians with these effects.

  • Blink

    Kris demonstrates one of the easiest color changes you'll ever learn. Watch carefully, this change happens in the blink of an eye!

  • Elevator Card

    Call your card to the top of any deck in a flash using this highly visual Elevator Card trick that will fool any audience.

  • Phantom Control Performance

    Your spectator picks a card. Now what? At this point, you want to have total command about where their card is going next. Control any card from the middle of a deck…making it instantly travel to the top of the pack! This can be added into almost any card routine where you need to know the locati...

  • Phantom Control Secret

    Setup: All you need is a regular deck of playing cards. Hold the bottom stack of the deck in one hand. The spectator will add their card on top of that pile. Quickly push that lower half of the deck up and over the top half while tilting your wrist up. We recommend practicing these moves separate...

  • Levitating Deck

    This effect was inspired by the Balducci Levitation, an illusion from the 1970s that was later perfected by Gerry Griffin. Like the famous Balducci illusion, this effect employs more of a logical type of levitation.

  • Red and Blacks

    This effect will allow you to organize any deck by color with a simple snap of your fingers.

  • Push Through Shuffle

    Kris demonstrates the first false shuffle he ever learned, the Push Through Shuffle. This classic false shuffle is highly efficient and subtly misleading. This effect will have you ready to fool any audience.

  • Side Steal Drop

    An effect that even professional magicians don't want you to know about. After this tutorial, with nothing more than a simple and innocent wave of the hand, you'll be able to command any card to the top of any deck.

  • The One

    When it comes to false shuffles, this one-handed effect is truly, The One. You will shock spectators as you unveil a deck in perfect order after what appeared to be a thorough, full-deck shuffle.

  • Transpo

    This trick requires a bit more practice than the previous ones, but the payout is totally worth it. Kris demonstrates how to smoothly transport the aces and queens in your deck back and fourth until your audience never truly knows which card is where.

  • Twisting the Aces

    For the first time ever, Kris is delivering a comprehensive tutorial on a routine that other magicians have called, "the greatest four-card trick they've ever seen."

    This effect uses four regular aces out of any deck and seamlessly controls their movement so that they are able to transport an...

  • Restored Card Performance

    Now, we present one of the best card tricks of all time. It seems totally impossible, as if you’re defying the laws of physics. An audience member signs a card. Then, you fold it, tearing the card into four pieces. And a few moments later, the card has been magically restored! Best of all, the sp...

  • Restored Card Secret

    Setup: All you need is a regular deck of cards and a black marker. There are no other props or gimmicks required.

    Carefully do a “double-lift” as you pick up two cards appearing to be only one. Fold both cards horizontally, then open up the top card. Continue the folding pattern as shown. The...