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Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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Up Next in Super Subtle Card Miracles: 40+ Card Tricks

  • Super Special Prediction

    Frank Garcia referred to this trick as one of his best kept secrets. This trick is simple, but very strong and uses the move you just learned, the Peek Diablo. You'll use that and your impressive prediction skills to locate the same card they've just drawn, but in another deck.

  • Super Special Prediction Variation

    Simon presents an alternative to the Peek Diablo. Another way to catch a glimpse of the spectator's card is this variation on the Super Special Prediction. A more subtle approach is demonstrated, followed by one considerably more bold. The decision is yours!

  • One-Two False Cut

    The One-Two Cut is all about the rhythm. You can control a card to the top of the deck and maintain the original deck order. It can be done with a simple one-two hop. A move that's beyond detection so long as you can keep that rhythm.