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Crazy Card Control

Reza Favorite Card Tricks • 2m 37s

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  • Salt Smash

    This disappearance illusion is extremely practical because it can be done at any restaurant or just about any dinner table. All you need is a salt shaker, one coin, and a napkin - and voliĆ”, you have the makings for a shocking illusion that'll your audience... or dinner party won't be able to fig...

  • The Magic Bottle

    Another illusion with everyday objects, the Magic Bottle makes it easy to perform shocking magic on the go. All you need is a plastic bottle and one... OK, maybe two bottle caps. Then, after a little practice, like Reza, you'll be able to magically transport a bottle cap into its own bottle witho...

  • Gone

    This illusion requires a little bit more practice than any of the previous ones. Once you've mastered it though, you can take any pen, pencil or marker and cause it to vanish into thin air. You'll even be able to make it instantly reappear into your empty hands. Another great disappearance illusi...