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Reserve Bill Switches

Reserve Bill Switches

Ben Salinas shares his expertise in bill switches. These effects are perfect for street magic, table-hopping and much more! This course features 15 effects and includes special gimmicks needed.

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Reserve Bill Switches
  • Introduction: Bill Switches

  • Types of Thumb Tips

  • Three-Way Bill Switch

  • Self Contained Switch

  • Origami Bill Performance

    Money magic is always a must when you want to perform on the go. We’ve all tried to fold dollar bills into some different shapes. But what if you could speed up that process using a little magic? Ben Salinas brings you into his world and shares this smart technique. A regular dollar bill of any a...

  • Origami Bill Secret

    Origami was first invented in 17th century Japan. Since then, it has become a popular and easy art form worldwide with some museums curating giant installations of hand-crafted paper birds. Now, it’s your turn to learn some of this art form for yourself.

    You will need a magic thumb tip prop, you...

  • Show me the Money Performance

    Everyone wants to win the lottery or multiply their cash. Now, you can learn how to do just that with this eye-catching routine. Transform five $1 bills into five $5 bills with this amazing method that you can make at home. Many magicians have no idea how this trick works. And they never will…bec...

  • Show me the Money Secret

    Setup: All you need to get started is some rubber cement or a glue stick, six $1 bills, and six $5 bills. You can use bills of different values as long as you’re increasing the total value of the money. This trick can be easier than some other bill switches because it doesn’t require any thumb ti...

  • Rockstar Performance

    Some presidents are shady, and others just wear shades. Borrow any dollar bill and draw a pair of small sunglasses on the president’s face with a marker. Fold up the dollar bill, give it a shake, and something insane has just happened. As you unfold the bill, your audience will freak out when the...

  • Rockstar Secret

    This effect uses two dollar bills. You can borrow any bill from your audience as long as you’ve already prepared a matching value of bill by drawing sunglasses on the president’s head in advance (just above their eyebrows).

    Use a thumb tip to hide the prepared bill. Ben shows you the special han...

  • Your Name, Your Card