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Up Next in Make Your Own Marked Deck

  • Learning

    To kick-off the process of learning how to mark a deck of cards, you must start with what utensils to use... and which was not to use. Most people think that the majority of what goes into marking a deck is simply taking a marker and writing on its back. That is not true, however. Many problems c...

  • What to Use

    So, if you can't use any old marker to mark your deck... what should you use? Kris uses a small pin or needle. If you don't have access to either of those, you could always use a staple or anything else that can scratch the cards. Using these sharper utensils, you can scratch the back of the card...

  • How to Mark the Deck

    Kris demonstrates how he is able to mark the back of every card in a deck in such a way that he can what each card is before ever even seeing its face. The technique he teaches can be used on any standard bicycle deck. You can also create your own unique strategy for keeping track of the cards to...