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Make Your Own Marked Deck

Make Your Own Marked Deck

Kris Nevling brings you a highly confidential series that contains some very top-secret material. What you're about to learn wasn't developed within the magic community, but rather it finds its routes leading back to... the Big House. This technique of marking and reading a deck of cards is not even known within magic. Ironically though, Kris' teachings from this series should ONLY be applied within magic. Anything else and you could be getting yourself into some serious trouble.

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Make Your Own Marked Deck
  • Safety

    Kris introduces his series, Make Your Own Marked Deck. A series that includes the step-by-step process of creating your own marked deck. This technique of marking and reading a deck of cards hasn't been known by magicians... until now.

  • Learning

    To kick-off the process of learning how to mark a deck of cards, you must start with what utensils to use... and which was not to use. Most people think that the majority of what goes into marking a deck is simply taking a marker and writing on its back. That is not true, however. Many problems c...

  • What to Use

    So, if you can't use any old marker to mark your deck... what should you use? Kris uses a small pin or needle. If you don't have access to either of those, you could always use a staple or anything else that can scratch the cards. Using these sharper utensils, you can scratch the back of the card...

  • How to Mark the Deck

    Kris demonstrates how he is able to mark the back of every card in a deck in such a way that he can what each card is before ever even seeing its face. The technique he teaches can be used on any standard bicycle deck. You can also create your own unique strategy for keeping track of the cards to...

  • Going Over the Marking System

    Kris reiterates the steps and reasoning behind his marking system, including how the markings are strategically placed in the upper left corner... a hint as to why... think about how a fan looks. After a quick review of the system, Kris quizzes your ability to read the markings... something that'...

  • Chased Order

    What exactly is Chased Order? How does it help me read cards? Kris explains just that for you. Starting with what happens when you remove the vowels from the words chased to how that correlates to his marking system... and how it can help you memorize these markings for speedy card reading. Super...

  • Reading Cards During a Performance

    Now it is finally time to see all the components you've learned put into action. Kris demonstrates how to covertly read cards during a performance... so covertly that your spectator will never, ever catch onto the act. It all hinders on your ability to quickly take a mental image, that you then c...