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Learn Magic Stick - The Complete Course on

Learn Magic Stick - The Complete Course on

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A stick is shown with six different colors, the same on both sides. A spectator selects a color. With the little jerk of the stick, the stick changes completely into the spectator's selected color!


There are six different colors on one side of the stick and the other side is all colored RED. A Six-Way Secret Force is used to getting the spectator to unknowingly select RED. A very deceptive move known as the Paddle Move is used throughout this effect.


This is a deceptive technique used to show two sides of the Stick to be the same. One side is actually being shown twice. Hold the Stick with the multi-colored side facing up between your thumb and index finger. Lift the Stick up as if you are going to expose the same colored side. As you do this, you need to twist/roll the Stick between your thumb and index finger 180 degrees to the opposite side. The Stick falls to the opposite side, showing the multi-colored side again.

This is a two-part move: turning the Stick over while at the same time rolling the Stick 180 degrees. The larger motion of turning hides the smaller motion of twisting/rolling. Do this same move in reverse to return the Stick to the original position (Paddle Move in reverse). Use a mirror to practice your angles.

Learn Magic Stick - The Complete Course on