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Learn the Adams Cartoon Deck on

Learn the Adams Cartoon Deck on

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Step By Step Instructions:

The magician comes to life and finds any chosen card! Each card back has one frame of animation on one half and one reveal card on the other half.

You are supplied with Magic Makers SS Adams Magic Cartoon Deck, which is printed with a special animation on the backs.

Deck Setup:
Deck order is very specific to make the animation work. Take your deck out of the box, turn it face up, and spread it out to note the order. The first card (starting on the left) is a special card that provides a bonus ending. The next three cards are jokers and have a full stage printed on the back. The rest of the cards follow in new deck order: Ace-King of Hearts, Ace-King of Clubs, King-Ace of Diamonds, King-Ace of Spades. If the deck is ever dropped, shuffled, etc. you can reset it using this order.

IMPORTANT: Always double check each card’s orientation to make sure the reveal cards are all at the top and the animation at the bottom, otherwise a reveal card will show during riffling and ruin the trick.

Beginner's Handling:
Take the deck out of the box face down so the magician is showing. Say something such as, “Monty the Magician wants to do some magic but he needs your help. He wants you to pick your favorite card in the deck and he’ll find it for you.” You can quickly flash the top one, two, or three cards (the stage cards) to enforce the idea that all the cards are the same.

Turn the deck face up and fan the cards out. Have a spectator name or point at a card of their choice. Take the card in the position below it (i.e. They pick the 9 of Clubs, you take the 8 of clubs; they pick the 5 of Diamonds, you take the 6 of Diamonds), place it on the top of the face up deck and rotate it 180 degrees. Turn the deck face down and you are now ready to do the magical animation.

Helpful Tips:
1. Keeping the deck progressively out-jogged to the bottom instead of completely squared up will ease the riffling.
2. It should take about 10-15 seconds to riffle through the animation. Riffle too fast and spectators will not see the animation as clearly, too slow and the cards will not riffle smoothly.
3. Hold the cards so that when they are riffled the animation can be easily seen, but the reveal cards on the other end are never seen.

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Learn the Adams Cartoon Deck on